Recent contributions include donations to the William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation, the Agencia de Educacion y Formacion Virtual, the Peaceworks Network and Greenpeace Argentina.

  • The William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation: in December The Varsavsky Foundation donated $80,000 to The William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation to promote policy to help developing countries address education and helth problems.
  • Fundacion Desarrollo Sostenido (Fundeso): The Varsavsky Foundation started the year 2002 with a donation of $11,265 to Fundeso to organize the 6th Iberoamerican Third Sector Summit, that took place in Barcelona during May 2002.
  • AEFVI (Agencia de Educación y Formación Virtual): in may 2002, The Varsavsky Foundation donated 10,800 euros to grant 6 of the speakers in the Virtual Educa 2002 congress, held in Valencia (Spain) during the month of June.
  • Peaceworks Network: in June, The Varsavsky Foundation contributed $100 to Peaceworks Network, organization that works to reach peace in the Middle East.
  • Keren Haseyod: during the month of July, 2002, The Varsavsky Foundation gave a grant of 5,000 euros to participate in the Emergency Campaign in solidarity with Israel.
  • Espacio Feliz: this school for handicapped students based in Buenos Aires (Argentina) received a loan of $3,600 to overcome its financial difficulties.
  • Friends of the Museo del Prado Foundation: a grant of 3.005 Euros was given to help develop the ambicious project of the Encyclopedia of the Museo del Prado.
  • Friends of the Israel Museum Spanish Association: in late January 2003, 500 Euros have been donated to this Association to help the Museum mantain its growth and development.
  • Greenpeace Argentina: in June 2003 the Varsavsky Foundation contributed USD 5.000 to Greenpeace Argentina to help them fight against the most crucial worldwide threats to our planet´s biodiversity and environment.
  • Argentina´s Consulate in Madrid: in July 2003, two air conditioners, which costed 2.200 Euros, have been granted to this Consulate.
  • Peaceworks Foundation: in mid-July 2003 a USD 10.000 grant was given to the OneVoice initiave lead by PeaceWorks Foundation. OneVoice is a global undertaking to amplify the voice of Israeli and Palestinian moderates by empowering them to seize the agenda back from violent extremists and achieve broad-based consensus on core issues, configuring a grassroots roadmap for conflict resolution.
  • STARS Foundation: to help treat children suffering form cancer in Iraq, a USD 1.130 grant was given in July 2003 to the STARS Foundation (

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