Many readers have asked me to comment on the technology that we use in the solar farms that we are building together with my partner Miguel Salis. Here´s a presentation that explains how this technology works.


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mike.webber on October 7, 2007  · 

15 MW , as i recherched is very very powerfull… but what to do when sun doesn´t shine (night of cource) :)) ? where comes electricity from ? also a energy storage planned ??

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David López on October 8, 2007  · 

What to do when the sun in not shining can be solved by several means, for instance it is possible to use the energy produced during daylight to pump air into a vessel. The obtained pressure serves the purpose of a energy “reservoir”.

Another smart thing to do is deploy electric grids based on DC (instead of AC). These type of grids would enable efficient, long-distance, transportation means to interconnect renewable energy sources no matter the geographic location. For instance solar power obtained in Spain could be interconnected to hidro power generated in Norway or the Alps (and of course nuclear power from France :).

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David on October 8, 2007  · 

Hi Martin, I am glad that you bet for renewables. I do believe they could dramatically change the economies of many countries.

Last year, while spending Christmas at The Riviera Maya, I noticed that in Mexico there are huge areas of terrain not being developed at all. Wouldn’t it be great if the Caribbean regions could take advantage of their superb location by the sea and the sunlight without being forced to degrade their forests and resources ?

I do believe that solar power could help developing areas gifted by nice weather without spoiling the landscape and the way the inhabitants live. Solar power does not require roads to transport products, people or livestock, does not require deforestation and does not generate pollution in its surroundings.

In short, it does generate wealth for the inhabitants without transforming the way they live (as petrol industries or intensive agriculture does).

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jockum on November 26, 2007  · 

presentation does not show

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jeff on January 7, 2009  · 

I have 20 acres in the high desert. want to build a solar farm. I am trying to learn what profit can be made by either selling to the grid or by those in community who wish to connect.

I do not have any idea yet the max mw 20 acres can handle nor what price I can sell it to the grid.

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