Alekseij, a Fonero from Italy, today posted on our forums photos of his unique modding of our Fonera: a Ferrari Fonera! He replaced the case of a common Fonera with a Ferrari toy car.

Here is the result:


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peter on March 28, 2008  · 

perhaps it´s not a real Ferrera, but a FONari 🙂 ?

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Nils on March 31, 2008  · 

FONari or Ferrera, as long as FON is in there, it’s great!
Good idea to hide the router to place it in the middle of a living room or office!
I’m looking forward to more great mods like this! =)


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Martín Alejandro Carmona Selva on April 19, 2008  · 

Martín… I wonder if you’re gonna get Ferrari Hologram in it and sell it for 3,000€ 🙂

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