I generally don´t comment about my investments in companies that work in Spanish in my English blog because many of my readers cannot truly understand their products. But I wanted to announce that today I invested in Hipertextual, a family of blogs started and managed by 28 year old entrepreneur Eduardo Arcos, a fantastic blogger who I got to know and frequently read over the last two years. Hipertextual´s best known blog is Alt1040 but as you go into Alt1040 and scroll down you will see that there´s a whole family of blogs that are owned by Hipertextual covering not only technology but also sports, politics, gossip, movies, music, cars, life in Mexico, and other topics of interest. Last month Hipertextual had over 4 million unique visitors and was growing nicely. Hipertextual fits my investment criteria which is very simple, invest in products I use made by people who I like. Hardly objective but my 10 million euros invested in risky, early stage start ups over the last 2 years are worth over 30 million now with some interesting exits coming up in the next 3 months. Another company that I am very happy to have invested in is Meneame, a Spanish Digg like site whose surprising characteristic is that it is all open source. But even though anyone can actually copy Meneame and some have the growth of Meneame itself seems to be unstoppable. Meneame also has around 4 million uniques per month. Now having said all this I still consider myself an entrepreneur with Fon being my main activity. But at this point in my life and with 3 significant exits and a passion for the web I like to invest with up and coming entrepreneurs whose products I love and help with their strategy. Eduardo Arcos clearly fits this profile. Tomorrow night I will be in Sevilla at Evento Blog and where Eduardo, Manu Contreras and the Hipertextual team and I will be available to meet other bloggers.

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Gubatron on November 22, 2007  · 

Congratulations, this will certainly be a great move as well.

Let’s hope next year you’ll be using my new product, and that you have tried my product this year, we made it to the homepage of download.com this week as #14, and got a very positive review by CNET.

I’ll make sure you’re one of the first investors to know about our new service next year, if you like it maybe you’ll come to New York and have a coffee with us.

Gubatron from New York.

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pepito on November 27, 2007  · 

because many of my readers cannot truly understand their products

Yeah, you have read our minds. Anyway you are the expertise, I would be grateful and appreciate you to tell us further about the requirements a company has to fullfill to deserve be aligned up in your portfolio. It not clear to me at all.

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