In March I announced that my foundation, along with the Argentinean Association of Astronomy, would grant the Carlos M. Varsavsky Prize to the best doctoral thesis on astronomy. Carlos Varsavsky was my father, a Harvard trained astrophysicist who was the head of the Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia and who had to leave his native country because of political prosecution by the Argentine military Junta.

It is for me a great pleasure to be able to announce that the committee designated by the Argentinean Association of Astronomy has chosen a winning work. The author of the work is Doctor Andrea Veronica Ahumada, whose thesis was dedicated to the Integrated Spectral Evolution of Cumulous Galactic Stars and the Small Cloud of Magellan.

Apart from receiving a commemorative medal and diploma, the winner will also be awarded a grant to attend an international conference in her specialty in the year immediately following acceptance of the prize, with all expenses paid by the Varsavsky Foundation.

You can read a brief summary of the Thesis on the following file.

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