I know this sounds like a commercial, and I don´t even own shares in Asus but here it goes anyway.   I just saw this laptop (site loads slowly but it´s worth the wait) that went for sale in Taiwan for NTD 7000 or around 160 euros and I am in awe.  I want one!

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Alberto on November 14, 2007  · 

Give One Get One promo of OLPC has been launched


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Martin Varsavsky on November 14, 2007  · 

Yes Albeto! I ordered OLPC!

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Klaus Ernst on November 15, 2007  · 

I bought an Eee PC 701 when it was introduced here in New York at J&R Computer World on Nov. 1. It’s $399.99. Very nice. Works well at FON spots. Let’s me watch the video to get 15 free minutes. My Nokia 770 or iPAQ 2215 couldn’t do that. The bad news: Eee PC out of stock at J&R.
Klaus Ernst (alien)

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Gustavo L on November 15, 2007  · 

WOW! Incredible…..

What caught my attention is that the specs show the operating system to be Linux (really no surprise). I wonder what the corporate strategy is for Microsoft. There are going to be tens of millions of these low priced laptops circulating the world in the coming years loaded with Linux OS, Google Doc’s and Firefox browser.
Perhaps a good strategy for Microsoft is to capture the “connectivity piece” to the internet and make up the revenues with targeted ads. Now I can see why Google is paying such a heavy premium for DoubleClick. In order to capture that connectivity piece Microsoft would have to acquire a player such as Clearwire, TowerStream or build it themselves (never happen). However, there is another way and that is to acquire a company that has a model to seed any global destination with a proprietary router thatis carrier independent, that is once turned on can give 10x access to other consumers in the vicinity. As we all know by controlling the access (keys to the palace) to the internet you control first point of contact with the consumer —– I’ve read some good things about a company by the name of FON that could fit this mold. Hmmmm!
Even the “indios” in the Yungas Altiplano range of Bolivia can receive relevant direct targeted ads all becuase of an IP address.

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Marc on November 17, 2007  · 

Look at this: http://www.expansys.es/p.aspx?i=158485
In Spain in more expansive than in U.S.
389€ in Spain
399$ in U.S.


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Charbax on November 18, 2007  · 

This Asus laptop is not 160€ but rather 400€ and $400.

Asus managed to get lots of bloggers writing that the Eee is a $200 laptop.

But in fact Asus does not deliver it at that price in any volume that would make it available to consumers.

A few selected bloggers might be able to buy it at $200 or $300 to have them writing about it, but Asus is most likely loosing money when they sell it at anything lower then $400.

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