Don´t you ever want to follow news as they develop? I do. And my problem is that in order to do this I have to alternate between many different news sites and the blogosphere mostly represented by Technorati. So here´s a web site that the Fon Labs developed so I could track unfolding news (in this case we did it to track how the BT Fon news were disseminating around the world). It is called Unfolding News and it is a simple search engine of unfolding news. You can try it out with any term you are interested in searching that may be newsworthy.  And since this is an experimental product we of course accept any ideas on how to make it better.

In this post John Battelle asks his readers what they would like to know about the wireless debate for his panel at Web 2.0  in San Francisco where I will be this week (I will be in the Bay Area from Tuesday to Saturday).

I read a fascinating article called: A World Without Human Beings. One of the most surprising things was to learn that, from all known things on Earth, what has the best chances of survival in the long run are not the famous insects we were always told will remain when we are gone, but…TV signals that escape into space and travel forever. In theory, these signals will be seen even after the destruction of Earth due to sun expansion.

I guess this will be a morale-booster for people who work in TV and sometimes feel that their work is TV-trash. Now they can feel they are helping to spread our heritage in the universe.

Here´s an article on BW with a great commentary on the part of Michael Dell supporting Fon. Fon has already grown quite a bit in the States but in this large country we are still far behind the UK and other smaller nations in spreading Fon. My view is that Fon is a standard for connecting to WiFi and as GSM has shown USA tends to come late to standards that are not home grown, but they tend to adopt them in the end. I am confident that Fon will eventually make it big in the States as well. Especially as we move into .n foneras, wimax foneras, femto foneras which are necessary in many parts of the States in which people leave farther away from each other.

Gspace is an application that provides FREE Online Storage to access your files everywhere. Gspace turns the 2GB of your Gmail account into free online storage. With Gspace you can manage unlimited Gmail accounts to store all type of files within its simple, user friendly interface.

At FON Labs, we have gone one step further by creating FONBackup. FONBackup is a multi-platform application (Windows/Mac/Linux) that allows you to sync one of your computer folders with your Gspace account. The application will download all your Gspace files missing on your computer and upload all your local files missing in your Gspace account, creating an identical copy on your computer and in your Gmail account.

FONBackup is especially useful if you work on various computers or operating systems. You can synchronize your directory with a simple double click and ensure that your important files are always available to you at all times, everywhere.  Of course, you can still use the “I lost the file” excuse, but with FONBackup your important stuff can be safely backed up or portable in your Gmail account.

In this video I comment on eMobile, a company building mobile broadband services supported by the latest HSDPA and IP network technologies.

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In this video, filmed after a long flight from Paris, I comment on some aspects of life in Tokyo and Japan.

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In this video I summarize the milestones Fon achieved last week, which was one of the best ones of my business life.

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In this video I present BT’s hub now flashed with FON’s functionality.

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