I read a fascinating article called: A World Without Human Beings. One of the most surprising things was to learn that, from all known things on Earth, what has the best chances of survival in the long run are not the famous insects we were always told will remain when we are gone, but…TV signals that escape into space and travel forever. In theory, these signals will be seen even after the destruction of Earth due to sun expansion.

I guess this will be a morale-booster for people who work in TV and sometimes feel that their work is TV-trash. Now they can feel they are helping to spread our heritage in the universe.

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Dabis on October 12, 2007  · 

Hi Martin,

This is interesting and very funny! 🙂


– dabis

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Allen Gelberg on October 12, 2007  · 

Hey Martin,
I like your commentary etc…but let’s not inflate their ego any more 🙂

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Jordi on October 14, 2007  · 

This may be another proof that no form of life more advanced than ours (at least on microwave technology) did ever exist in our surrounding universe and since veeeery long ago… otherwise we will be seeing funny green man shows arriving to our earth abservatories!!

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uno on October 15, 2007  · 

Very interesting. I really like it.

Jordi, You’re right and I have another theory. We are advanced TV sets designed by these green men and what we see is their movies. We are so advnaced technologically, that actually we can produce TV shows for them although we call it reality.


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Rebeca on October 15, 2007  · 


I wonder if you meant “they are helping to spread our trash in the universe” when you actually said “they are helping to spread our heritage in the universe”.

Which sentence do you think is the most accurate?

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Euronerd on October 17, 2007  · 

Considering the fact that TV is less and less loudly broadcast into space (being replaced by narrowly defined satellite signals, short distance terrestrial signals, and of course cable-tv), the roughly 70 years of spreading our crap into space will not disturb any green men.
They simply are either not yet, or no longer, listening these frequencies.

Of course, the thought of some creep listening to signals that some humans are sending, could be a metaphor for people listening in on unencrypted Wifi signals 😉 .

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