Is this the secret of the Fon Japan team?

Today Yuki Yamamura, the CEO of Excite, and I publicly announced in Tokyo that Excite Japan has invested in Fon. The announcement was very well received. Excite’s shares went up 17.4%. I am very pleased to see that not only the Japanese are adopting FON WiFi in great numbers but that the financial markets over here believe that to share a little WiFi at home and roaming the world for free is a valuable proposition as more and more WiFi only gadgets like the Nintendo DS, the Sony PSP and now the Sony Mylo hit the market. We are also very happy to be the first non Sony product selling in the Sony Style shops. As a Spanish company to be received so well in Japan, the most competitive technology market in the world, is extremely “exciting”.

Muchas gracias Japón!

At FON, we frequently meet with ISPs and it is no secret that we partnered with Neuf, so what I am going to say you can take with a grain of salt. Still I will say it. Neuf Cegetel is an amazing ISP. Even if you don’t understand French, you can probably understand their offers. In France also Free has a great choice. Neuf has a quadruple play for 29.90 euros. Flat rate fixed telephony with unlimited calling, internet up to 20 megs, TV with over 50 channels, a TIVO like machine, 9GB of storage, 1000 movies on demand and one of the most advanced WiFi/GSM mobile phones I have ever seen (among other things it plays WiFi TV). If you live in America, you can look at your ISP’s offers and weep.

Albert Armengol Bertrolí, Horaci Cuevas and Toni Salvatella Pont, the founders of eConozco, have decided to join forces rather than compete with Xing. This is a great move for both companies. eConozco has 150,000 professional members, which is pretty significant in the Spanish speaking world, a universe of 400 million people. To lead the Spanish market in business networking from the start is a good move for Xing.

Disclosure: I am a shareholder of Xing.

Lately, every single site I check in traffic measuring tool Alexa seems to be losing traffic. Concerned about this trend I decided to check Amazon´s traffic in Alexa. Since Amazon owns Alexa, I thought it would be surprising if Alexa showed a decline on Amazon´s traffic as well. But this is what I saw. Enormous decline in Amazon traffic over the last 12 months.

Frankly I can´t believe that traffic to Amazon has dropped 50% over the last year so I don´t understand what is going on with Alexa. At this point I am concerned about the lack of reliable measures for traffic on the Internet.

Many people talk about meshing and meshing can be a solution in some cases, but at FON we opted instead for designing our own antennas that we call the Fontennas. These are the specs.

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I lived in the States for 18 years, I live in Europe now. I reside in Madrid but today I had a medical emergency while visiting Paris. It was so well taken care of that I would like to write an unusual post in favor of the French Health System. This is clearly a case and not a statistic but I will try to draw some general conclusions comparing the US and French health care experience.I will limit myself to three key elements of the medical experience, the quality of the medical care, the paperwork and the cost.

The case: I had a 3 cm cut on my chest that urgently required stitches. I was rushed to Hopital St Antoine which is not far from Place des Vosges where we have an apartment (my wife is French and we come frequently to Paris). I was successfully treated and sent home in less than 90 minutes.
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One of the toughest problems of humanity is that most of the people who can vote global problems out of existence don´t vote. Many don´t vote in their own countries because they are not democracies, but most can´t vote these problems out of existence because humanity is a very weak concept. As schooling in America, humanity is about being born in the right side of the tracks. Unfortunately “humanity” as a value is a distant second to the extremely to nationality. Income distribution among nations reflects that.
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Here’s the Supermarket 2.0 as presented by Lior Katz of the place of your dreams Wishood at Kinnernet.

I also have a wish Lior. I would like all supermarkets to be like this one!

Here’s a new way to WiFi enabled cities that we at FON are undertaking in Oslo together with the 4G operator iBand and the billboard company Clear Channel. The basic idea here is that billboards are strategically placed in cities to be highly visible. They are placed where crowds go. And so is WiFi. For months now FON has been in conversations with billboard companies around the world about this opportunity including CBS Outdoor and others. And now we are launching our first deployment.

The problem with billboards is to get DSL or Cable lines to them. 4G however makes this easy. For a 4G to FON WiFi converter, all you need is electricity and that is already available in billboards. So three companies, iBand who provides the 4G, FON who provides the WiFi and Clear Channel, who provides the billboards, have teamed up to accomplish this in Oslo. Now wouldn’t you be more likely to look at a billboard if you knew that it provided you with WiFi?

Here’s the press release.
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