During our meetings with Microsoft, we had heard that the company was preparing a huge move into the music player arena using WiFi as its main weapon.

The lack of WiFi on the iPod is becoming Apple´s achilles hill and companies like Microsoft and Music Gremlin are exploiting it.

Unfortunately, we are under another NDA and we can´t disclose another player who is also preparing an attack along these lines. Our strategy at FON, however, is not to fight or team up with one player in particular, but to collaborate with all trying to bundle our social router with these products so there truly is WiFi everywhere.

There´s no better way to show the utility of FON than when associated with products like this that need WiFi to function. I have spent 10 days in the USA now and I see enormous opportunities for us to make deals with WiFi hungry devices.

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Stuart on July 24, 2006  · 

I am concerned about the promotion of media downloading over FON. Opening my broadband connection for email and light browsing is no problem and what I thought public hotspots were for.

Most UK ISPs are moving over to charging per Gb (bundled or unbundled) so we could be seriously burned. Particulary as people start using FON bandwidth rather than their own (especially as they can buy linus status for a few euros). First times this happens I may pull the plug or restricting bandwidth to make it uncomfortable for everyone.

Roaming WiFi should be for keeping in touch (inc VOIP). Not about shifting bytes unless you charge that way or, in turn, cap Linus use.

Otherwise keep up the good work, but stay focussed.

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Martín Varsavsky on July 25, 2006  · 

Fon allows foneros to limit how much bandwidth they share within certain minimum requirements.


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Charbax on July 26, 2006  · 

That’s great, if there are bandwidth throlling, limit bandwidth per user and limit data transfer in time options then it’s safe for all.

People got lots of unused bandwidth available, but when I use my own bandwidth myself I want the router to automatically limit other users bandwidth, but when I am not using it in a priority situation myself then outside users should be able to get more speed from my connection.

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Martin Varsavsky on July 27, 2006  · 


That’s what FON does.

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