After having sold over 2 million Fonera Simpl WiFi routers to telcos, we are now making our newest Fonera available to everyone online through our new Fon site. We sell it for 39 Euros / 49 USD.The Simpl is our newest palm-sized router, targeted to smartphone and tablet-PC users. With the new Fonera Simpl when you connect to Fon WiFi at home or on the go, you can Torrent,  listen to Spotify, stream YouTube videos and download and install heavy applications in a way that’s fast, simple and useful, without eating up your 3G credit and straining 3G networks.

FoneraSIMPLaltShot2The Fonera Simpl is really attractive to mobile operators. Customers only need to plug their Fonera Simpl into their fixed internet connection and can easily configure their smart devices to connect automatically to any Fon signal.  It offers several connection solutions for the SIMPL to assist users who want a hassle-free connection to Fon WiFi at home and on the go. New WPS functionality allows users to easily connect smart devices to their private WiFi signal with the touch of a button (on the back of the SIMPL). Smart devices can also be easily configured to connect automatically to the public Fon WiFi signal whenever one is within range. Fon offers downloadable connection applications for devices ranging from Android or Blackberry, based on the WISPr recommendation from the WFA, to the iPhone. The value to mobile operators from traffic offloading on overloaded 3G networks is very tangible and Fon is offering an easy and affordable solution to ease this problem and create great user experience.

The new Fonera SIMPL includes:

  • 1 WAN Ethernet port (for ADSL/Cable modem)
  • 1 LAN Ethernet port (for PC)
  • 1 SSID (Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2)
  • 1 SSID (Fon network)
  • 802.11n (150 Mbps)
  • 802.11b/g (54 Mbps) compatible
  • Detachable, external antenna
Español / English

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