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Nice to see Thomas Friedman the concept that I proposed in the Huffington Post in September of last year that immigration can be the solution to the real estate equity problem than USA faces. And in my view you will never solve the debt problem USA faces without solving the underlying equity problem first. Tom Friedman is not as precise as I am and I have to reword my concept not to sound that USA is “selling” passports but I still believe my idea is a good one. Especially considering that for decades USA has been selling entry to the country in exchange for money in the format of investor´s visas.

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I just read this in the latest McKinsey Report on Offshoring:

While 11 percent (161 million jobs) of the 1.46 billion service jobs worldwide could be performed remotely, only a small fraction of employment that could potentially go offshore will do so. The number of jobs companies are actually expected to locate offshore in low-wage countries by 2008 will reach 4.1 million, or 1 percent of total services jobs in developed countries. Across sectors and occupations, potential and actual offshoring varies widely, as documented in eight in-depth industry cases (automotive, health care, insurance, IT services, packaged software, pharma, retail, and retail banking).
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Google ”Immigrant Party” and see what you get. You get ANTI-immigrant party.
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