I am delighted to announce the launching of Seedcamp, an idea of my friend Saul Klein, that I think is great. Seedcamp will take place in London in September of this year and the proposal is to turn it into an annual event for young entrepreneurs in the technological world in Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. The idea is to dedicate one week of work to find the most innovative and aggressive entrepreneurs to help them get venture capital and first rate connections to develop their projects.

From all signed-up entrepreneurs, 20 will be chosen to participate in the event. And at the end of the week, 5 of them will be offered an investment of €50K , which will be considered equivalent to a 10% of the company. Entrepreneurs who accept this offer will move to London for three weeks to prepare the start up of their project assisted by Seedcamp’s network of mentors. All young entrepreneurs presenting an innovative idea and the wish to develop it can, right now, sign up online!

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Rajan on July 15, 2007  · 

Hi Martin,

I think Saul is been doing some great work in enhancing the entreprenuerial ecosystem. Liked his concept of opencoffee house very much. With some efforts I could manage to convince one VC to have one such meet with few fellow entreprenuers in bangalore. And all of us loved it.

In the upcoming barcamp we are planning to have a startup collective(, where entreprenuers will share stories and experiences and help each other. One of the thing that is quite a challenge is that it is hard to find open & highly enthusiastic folks like Saul.


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karla darocas on July 16, 2007  · 

This is a great idea – it is a shame that it is only for young entrepreneurs.
I am a woman entrepreneur – and I live on the Costa Blanca.
Every day I see “holes” in the marketplace that could be filled with creative businesses… instead people are coming to the coast – and opening businesses that are not unique, that are not first in the market, that don’t recreate any wheels with good twists… and sadly – they go bankrupt in under a year.

The other sad thing that I see here on this coast is youth crime,drugs, boredom, domestic violence and abuse. I have been in talks with the township of Denia (Alicante) to try and start a business and technology school – for all ages – that would teach people about the “exciting” side of business and how to use technology to run your own business – and do it well – with a mentoring programme of some sort. This would be not only good for the economy – but it would be a great social programme to get young people, women and foreigners interested in business and making money – instead of stealing TVs, working like slaves in construction, having unwanted babies, being abused by their partners… etc.

If there was anyway to help get a school or a francise of schools started along this coast – it would really help a lot of people 🙂

Keep up the good work
Karla Darocas

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