Fon called for an art competition to build our wifi gadget library called the Fonoteca. The idea is that all Fon employees will be able to check out and test all sorts of WiFi gadgets, smartphones, ipads, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, book readers, etc. The Fonoteca will be at the entrances of the new offices. We offered 10K euros for the executed work. Please tell me if you have any favorites.

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Niels on September 28, 2011  · 

I like slide 33 the most. Not the fon logo, but the internationally renowned Wifi logo should be leading!

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steven on September 28, 2011  · 

When will FON invest some time again in their core business ?

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pep cruells on September 29, 2011  · 

Nr. 6 is the best (in an ocean of mediocrity), sorry.

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Patricia on October 2, 2011  · 

I´d like to share my preferences in regards this Art Competition, the following ones are my favourites: 6-10-30-32.

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Diego Nachmann on October 4, 2011  · 


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