I know, you are all confused. Martin Varsavsky has been hacked. But I haven´t it´s me with a migration to WordPress and a lot of new functionalities. I really hope you like the new look of this blog. I would like to thank the people at Blogestudio who helped me out here.

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lorenzo on June 15, 2007  · 

The new look is a lot better!congrats

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fede on June 15, 2007  · 

the interface is much nicer and all the information is very clear
do you still vote in argentina?

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Toni on June 15, 2007  · 

Welcome to WordPress! Great looking blog.

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Rodrigo A. SEPULVEDA SCHULZ on June 15, 2007  · 

very slick page. it takes time to get used to at first, but then we’re there 🙂
well done.
you could maybe make it slightly warmer with another banner for your name for example.

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Damien on June 15, 2007  · 

layout is way too noisy and messy – looks like a teenagers bedroom.
less is more

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Martin Varsavsky on June 15, 2007  · 


I am both an Argentine and Spanish citizen.

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neok on June 15, 2007  · 

Very Web 2.0! Agree with Rodrigo on getting some more cosy colours in there ;-). A+

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Martin Fasani on June 19, 2007  · 

My 0.2 cents:
I like it, but I agree with #5 that is a bit noisy, in my personal opinion, because of the double columns at the right.

But anyways, looks powerful 😉

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