Well, here´s the answer. We lived with it when I was growing up in Argentina. Left and right wing terrorism. My cousin was never found, nor his body. There´s a memorial for him now in Alcobendas: The Polideportivo David Varsavsky

Case 2735 – David Horacio VARSAVSKY

The IACHR received the following denunciation:

David Horacio VARSAVSKY, C.I. 6.879, 027, DNI 12.549.136, Maure 2239 6p. A, Federal Capital, an Argentine citizen, 18 years of age (9.18.58), single, a student with secondary school training as an electronic technician; he was preparing to enroll in the school of engineering. He worked on radio and television repair. At 9 o’clock on 2.17.77, he was to be inducted into military service.

At 1.30 pm on 2.16.77, four armed civilians and one person in uniform came to his home identifying themselves as the police. After searching the house, they took David Varsavsky with them. When they were asked why, they replied it was “routine” and that they were taking him in for interrogation. They took along a photograph of him. When they were asked where they were taking him, they answered that I should go to look for him at the Dorrego y Baez command post at 9 o’clock with identification.

When I went to the place indicated, I found that it was a military post, and I was informed that there were no detainees there. After taking down my identification, they told me that I should go to the Ministry of the Interior. I went to all the military posts throughout the region asking for the same information and obtained the same results.

In a note of June 16, 1978, the Government replied:

C. Persons who are not recorded as detained who are the subject of a police search by the Ministry of the Interior.

VARSAVSKY, David Horacio.

In a note dated November 26, 1979, the Argentine Government responded to the Commission as follows:

References made to the pertinent part of the denunciation stating that on 2.16.1977, at 1.30 hours, four armed civilians and one person in uniform, who identified themselves as the police, proceeded to take away the above-mentioned person. When they were questioned about their conduct, they said that it was “routine”, that they were taking him for interrogation, and that his family could visit him at the Dorrego y Baez command post at 9 o’clock, with identification. Upon arriving there, it was found to be a military post, and it was stated that there were no detained persons there.

On February 17, 1977, cognizance was taken of the event described, because of a presentation made by the alleged detainee’s mother. Reports were immediately requested from the federal Police and the Commander in Chief of the Army, who replied that Varsavsky was not being detained in either of their jurisdictions, nor was there any information about his whereabouts, and the complainant was so informed.

In addition, the federal Police reported that four writs of habeas corpus had been filed with it, and that a warrant for his arrest had been issued by federal Court Nº 6, Military Law Section, for violation of Article 44 of Law 17.531 (compulsory military service). The federal lower Criminal Court, Nº 2, Department 107, also requested information on his whereabouts, in case Nº 45.181, regarding illegitimate deprivation of liberty.

Likewise, the judge in charge of the criminal Division of the federal lower Court also requested information on his whereabouts, in case No. 45.181, regarding illegitimae deprivation of liberty.

The IACHR is continuing prescribed procedures in this case. It finds however, that the government’s reply does not contain evidence to discredit the denunciation.

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