Most people in Europe are agnostic, most people in America are religious. Religious people argue that a family who prays together stays together. But evidence points otherwise. As the article shows, it turns out divorce rates in the USA are higher among families who pray together than among those who do not.

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Eric on April 13, 2007  · 

Personally and ironically, I look at comparatively higher divorce rates in a society as a positive indication of tolerance.

Lower divorce rates are often suspicious and can be attributed, not to the success of a marriage, but to religious or socio-economic pressure to remain within an unhappy marriage. Generally, countries with lower divorce rates are ones where divorce is considered socially and religously unacceptable and generally where divorce is legally very difficult to attain. Thus, higher divorce rates would imply a more liberal and tolerant society.

Of course, my reasoning only explains the difference in tolerance levels across religious denominations or different countries. It does not explain why the secular divorce less then the religious — maybe because they have less pressure to get married in the first place and therefore take marriage more seriously.

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jovialiste on April 13, 2007  · 

Evil is everywhere secondary to God, and therefore less powerful.
A family who prays together stays together; but if they prays with the mind and the heart. Is a mystical experience by love.
Adoration is dumb!
There is a movement of inmediate contact and union with God when a family prays, and after…No! When there is a sin, because the wife or the husband perhaps… or the family…,there is a concrete obstacle, there is a complementary movement of separation.
We must not expect the impossible.
Goethe says: the systole and the diastole of the cosmic heart.
Every advance involves a retreat, every gain a loss, but the sun brightest.

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Marcelo Levit on April 13, 2007  · 

This is not the first time that you say that “most people in Europe are agnostic”.

Which countries do you mean by “Europe” ?
What are your sources for this assertion ?

Must be more accurate, I think.
Big generalization = big mistakes.

Anyway, Eric made a point also.

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Bratislav Metulsky on April 13, 2007  · 

Religion is just a costume of philosopy in which the illiterates are teached reasonability and social behaviour.
A certain believing nation that prays with firearms below their pillows, denies evolution and arrests ladies, that take their sunbath topless is the best evidence, that devoutness is just a consequence of lacking intelligence and psychic lability.

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pepecristiano on April 17, 2007  · 

just a remark

What article really claims is that divorces are higher for CONSERVATIVE christians neither for other kinds of christians nor for other religions.


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Bjorn Watland on April 30, 2007  · 


There are several polls which have been conducted regarding faith in different parts of the world. Some of the more popular are represented here.

Religion, or faith in general, could be a larger espression of a culture. Maybe the attitudes toward religion or faith in a culture make an impact on marriage. I know of friends and family who have married, for example, because the woman was pregnant, and it’s considered socially unacceptable in some cultures to have a child while not married. I can make my own judgments on how happy their marriages are. I do think that sucessful marriages exist with believers and non believers, but the key is compulsion. If you feel compelled to marry, either by familial pressures, or religious, your relationship may not be the best it can be.

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