Considering how the markets are moving today I think it´s time Forbes puts all the net worth data that they have on the richest people in the world and create the moving Forbes 400. I just read that Carlos Slim is down $34bn. There´s probably a lot of other movements around the list. While the accumulated wealth of the wealthiest people in the world is down a lot the relative positions in the list must be changing by the hour. The moving Forbes 400 would be accurate on all the publicly traded securities the richest people have and only a guess on their private stock and real estate, but it would still be a good indication. Other than the cruelty value of the average person that watches that insofar as they still have their job their own net worth is much less volatile than that of the very wealthy I believe this chart would have academic value as it would be a quick look at how all the sectors of the global economy are doing vis a vis each other. As I write this I can imagine that members of the list who have cashed out and gone liquid are rapidly gaining positions over those who are still in the game.

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Pedro J. Arocena on October 6, 2008  · 


FYI, considering that many of the richest people in the world use to be financial and/or investment related professionals, and they or their companies are (in most cases) responsible of the actual market crisis, here you have the best analysis I’ve ever seen about the financial market and the real reasons for that situation… and funny, of course (the video, not the crisis 🙂

Hope you’d like it and laugh with.

Full link: The Last Laugh – Crisis Subprime

Short link: The Last Laugh – Crisis Subprime


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