Dictionary818In the USA business degrees are mostly graduate degrees.  And there is a good reason for that.  Unfortunately, this is not the case in Europe.  And this is not good for European businesses.  My advice is that if you are interested in working in business later on in life you should wait and not get an undergraduate degree in business out of high school.  Instead, for the first years of your career, it is much better to get a degree in computer science, engineering of any kind, math/physics, biology/biomedical sciences. And then get a degree in business. People who apply to work with us with undergraduate and graduate degrees in business tend to have huge gaps in basic knowledge. This lack of basic education handicaps them. They can talk about products but they don’t really understand how products work. Their shallow knowledge about the functionality of products shows when trying to design or improve them.  Probably the only exception to this is banking.  As for the rest, a wider scientific knowledge is needed.  When you study business you study the language of business, finance, accounting, marketing. But if you can build a product via your engineering skills,  biomedical skills, coding skills, and on top of that you have a good command of the business language, then you are really in business.

First learn how things work, then how to create them, then how turn them into a business. People do not succeed talking about money, they succeed talking about product. Learn the language of product before learning the language of money.


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