David de Rotschild is an adventurer and also an ecologist. He is the head of Adventure Ecology, an expedition group raising awareness about climate change. In this video, David speaks about his next adventure, Plastiki. I read Kontiki when I was 14 and fell in love with the book. I think Plastiki is a great idea to bring awareness of the problem of plastics in the ocean in a way that is constructive, fun but yet repetitive enough to make a difference. Unfortunately a lot of what happens in high seas is unregulated as anyone can basically do whatever they want in high seas. But as it happens with pirates when nations got serious about them most piracy ended as pirates need to come ashore and so do ocean polluters.

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Shelly Lisoskie on February 4, 2007  · 

The “Plastiki” project will make a huge impact on awareness. Although it’s the adult world which makes the decisions, it’s the world of children that will listen. With Al Gore in his camp, David will for sure make an impact on Americans, the biggest consumers. However, he’ll need to look to the Chinese next. With their shift toward a richer economy, and availability of more technology, they will be next in line to either polute or make lasting change.

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