Fon´s strategy during our first year of operations was to seed the market until we became the largest WiFi network in the country and then, once the demand is there, have our routers sell at market prices and go through retailers and etailers . FON is now the largest WiFi in Sweden, Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Japan, Hong Kong and the second largest in Taiwan, France, Finland, Switzerland.

FON is now looking for retailers who are interested in selling Foneras. If you work for a retailer or etailer in Europe pls write to Robert Lang at our Munich office. In Asia where we already have a significant retail presence contacts should be with Yat Siu at our Hong Kong office. In USA and Canada with Faisal Galaria at our San Francisco office and for the rest of the world pls contact Monica Diaz-Ponte in Madrid.

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Elin Martinsen on January 17, 2007  · 

When will you start a campaign in Norway?

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