In this short video recorded at Seesmic I do something that I never do and that is recommend to buy Apple shares as they fall to $134. Of course you should make your own decisions and Apple shares could fall much further and I could be totally wrong. Still I think that 2008 will be the tipping point year for the Mac, and the iPhone just got started. Much better iPhones will come and with Apple in the unique position of making more $ from AT&T than from selling iPhones well, that is like having bought a chunk of AT&T for nothing.

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Gregor on January 24, 2008  · 

Martin, I fully agree with your points. I by myself followed the Apple shares over years now, also as a small(!) investor. From my point of view the biggest remaining risk to invest in Apple in the long run is Steve Jobs himself. What if he resigns or even come down with something? Do you think Apple is prepared enough for that case? I would much appreciate to read your view on that.

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Martin Varsavsky on January 24, 2008  · 

I think is in much worse shape than say Google for a top management change.

Jorge Martinez on January 24, 2008  · 

Hello Martín, I have been thinking a while about this and I can see an improvement in Apple’s image, since all its products have received attention and quite important development. I only have one question… how I can buy Apple shares? BR. jorgemm

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stefan on January 26, 2008  · 

if i am sure, that Apple will foneada all MACs, then i would buy Apple shares to….

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