Yes it is! I am pleased to announce that we are now a McAfee partner! If there´s still somebody who does not know McAfee, they are a world leader in security products for your computer.

McAfee is also partners with Skype, who is our investor and who helps us grow the movement big time! Thank you McAffee, thank you Skype!

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bernard on December 12, 2006  · 


I read this post in my feed reader, in work this evening.

I was quickly scanning thru what recently posts, and I misread this as “Is Fon for Sale?”!
Yes it is!

Of course, after blinking, I read it again..and realised 🙂

My new La Fonera arrived, and I have to say…que linda…:)

I hope you “enjoy” Les Web 3

greetings from ireland,

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AustinTX on December 12, 2006  · 

Explain please.

How does being a partner with McAfee make Fon hotspots automatically safe?

If Fon provides hotspots at McDonald’s restaurants, does this give Fon the ability to cook hamburger? No.

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Roberto on December 13, 2006  · 

Martin. With all respect to your marketing skills, just a comparison: “Is Microsoft Windows XP safe? Yes, it is! Microsoft teamed up with McAfee for a special deal. Thank you McAfee!” Hm, so its safe….

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Martin Varsavsky on December 13, 2006  · 


Is sex safe? I guess FON is as safe as sex with a condon. If u would not have sex even with a condon better not use FON, or XP.

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