I am at the session that discusses the migration away from paper. Michael Arrington refuses to disclose his own revenues and financial information. The Guardian says that 20% of their revenues come from online. 100 million pounds. And they are more transparent. Tyler Brule Monocle refuses to talk about revenues.

Michael Arrington says it is absurd to start a new print publication. He does not read anything in paper. Michael Arrington says the last standing newspaper will be the New York Times.

Carolyn McCall says that paper maybe not sustainable in the future cause paper is expensive and limited but so far it gives The Guardian most of the material they use for online publications. Carolyn also rightly says that the biggest problem of advertising online is an unlimited supply of inventory compared to paper.

Tyler Brule says that if the other choice to starting a new printed mag in Europe was to start a new airline. If it´s a joke it´s a good one.

Arrington says that print media has a hard time with office space and software developers competing with open source and blogging from your home but Arrington is getting sued cause he is accused of running a business from his home which in his condo is seemingly illegal. My comment: in Europe it would be the state not your condo cause you are supposed to provide certain accomodations for employees of a business that your home may not offer.

Arrington says that there´s a new breed of people who sit in between bloggers and the general public and are those who recommend blog posts on twitter, friendfeed, etc.

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Antoin O Lachtnain on January 28, 2009  · 

I wouldn’t think Tyler brule was joking about starting an airline. Lucky he didn’t, I would say.

The problem with paper isn’t actually the expense of the material, it’s the logistics of shipping the stuff around and doing something with all the unsold copies

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