I am getting good at winning FON´s office pools or porras. I won the German porra, I lost the Spanish SIMO convention porra, but just now learned that I won the Japanese porra.

The Japanese porra was a Y500 investment per employee and we had to get how many Japanese were going to go for the FONero promise, which in the case of Japan only lasted 5 days. I guessed 8000 and the final result is 8278. Next closest guesses were those of Alex Puregger, who runs biz dev for Asia at FON with 9000 and Nina Wiegand who is in charge of our communications who guessed 7500.

Interestingly, all the Japanese employees were more conservative and had lower numbers. My objective was to have more access points than NTT, who I understand has 7000 (this figure is not confirmed).

As it is customary with the office pools at Fon whoever wins donates the funds inviting everyone else for drinks. So…. kampai!

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tiberiofonero on December 9, 2006  · 

Felicidades! How lucky you are! Increible. 🙂

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INDY on December 14, 2006  · 

Look my La Fonera.


It is 1/8278, but only one.

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kenji mori on June 15, 2007  · 

kanpai! Also to the new blog in wordress !

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