I don’t twit in the traditional sense of the term (internet tradition is measured in months not years). I don’t generally tell people what I am doing. Instead I twit what I am thinking about. For year end I will post what Evan Williams, founder of Twitter, appropriately called thought nuggets.

  • laptops still need to be lighter, faster, less hot and with daylong batteries
  • the problem with psychology is one of marketing, nobody likes to be called a mental patient, how about changing titles to “life trainers”
  • Immigrants make 8% of the population of USA but the companies they built account for 25% of US mkt cap
  • The Spaniards disagree on staying Spanish. The French want to be French, but they disagree on the regime they want.
  • How can the French have both, the largest supermarket chains in the world and the petit marche au coin?
  • Most countries have cultural centers in Paris. USA does not need one. Its culture rules is pulled, not pushed.
  • Height is one of the most overrated virtues
  • using windows is like smoking, people know its bad for them, but they still do it cause they are addicted
  • digesting the time warner news, tremendous coverage in the States
  • Waking up to the cries of my baby son I enjoy the congratulatory messages
  • Truth is a moving target
  • Google rank should be language based
  • sugar and milk, if u stir well you end up with dulce de leche, if you don’t with curd milk
  • I don’t care about what most people do. I do care about what a few people think.
  • As u roam the world: what does your footprint look like?
  • Does the instinct to kill have anything to do with eliminating competitors?
  • My iPod is designed by Americans, buit by Asians and populated by Africans
  • In Hollywood movies bad guys were first German, then Russians, then Arabs, lately….Americans
  • Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. But people with guns kill more people.
  • If u make Ducatis, should u feel remorse for all the people who die riding them?
  • If speeding is dealt with fines so should illegal downloads.
  • Is evolution about species or about DNA itself building a diversified survival portfolio?
  • Can u be both very smart and very poor in America?
  • Are keyboards so bad to give us a chance to think about what we write?
  • Sorry twitter but I am still not telling u what I am doing right now.
  • Can u do a newspaper for the chinese that is in english?
  • considering how islamic Saudi Arabia already is it is remarkable that the people who fight that regime are those who want it more so
  • Its unfortunate Koreans, Chinese and Japanese dislike each other when there’s so much they can do jointly.
  • I am a green, but i am in favor of prudent use of Nuclear Energy and GM food
  • While the world changes aircraft dont
  • School is a poor model for real life
  • If u think of air as a fluid flying becomes sailing
  • is the richest country the one with the richest people or the one with the richest poor people?
  • politics is a winner takes all game, that’s why politicians trash each other even more than competing businesses
  • I allow my kids to bring their boyfriends/girlfriends to sleepover at home after a one year relationship, in USA I could be sued I was told
  • In Spain the law works so slowly that people are forced to get along
  • in the 70s maoist terrorists killed in Europe, now they are simply outdated, hope the same happens to islamic terrorists in a decade
  • music is a collection of sounds that somehow make sense
  • Israelis are realizing that the Lebanon invasion made Hezbollah more powerful
  • babies show that falling asleep must be a very scary experience for the uninitiated
  • Is having children a humanitarian act?
  • I have loved hip hop since RunDMC in the 80s. Almost nobody else I know does.
  • sarko and sego’s debate looks like a matrimonial dispute
  • a single engine turboprop that i used to own fell in the Mediterranean yesterday
  • craig’s list is like the bad looking guy who gets all the cute girls
  • Nazis killed 3 times as many Russians as they killed Jews. Why are there so many Russian Neonazis?
  • The toughest job that immigrants are doing in Europe is having and raising children.
  • gtalk is not a download anymore, that makes it so much easier to use!
  • we hear about gold diggers, we hear less about beauty diggers
  • Why are women more religious than men?
  • Men make most rules but women tend to follow them better
  • www.fotolog.com one pix per day diet leads to more page views than flickr all u can eat
  • why can’t France get the heart of sego with the brains of sarko?
  • everyone in Europe likes the welfare state, but the French are addicted to it
  • the 35 hour French assumes that work is punishment, i favor freedom for all, workaholics and workphobics to work as they negotiate
  • European garage designers are in cohoots with body shop owners
  • my father used to argue that the 7 day week in which we all work 5 days and rest 2 does not make sense, he proposed shifts and a 6 day week
  • at least on twitter I am a follower of Barack Obama
  • beaurocrats exist thanks to unnecesary laws and regulations
  • on the earth we move until we run out of energy, in space we move until we encounter energy
  • Wish Turkey was the role model in the Muslim World as far as separation of mosque and state
  • Curse: to only be happy til u find someone else who is happier
  • In Europe people rarely talk to strangers and ask them where they r from.
  • In the last decades capitalism clearly won. But democracy?
  • we have the social router, the fonera, should we launch the fatera a social scale for collaborative weight loss?
  • the Chinese r only one political party away from American style democracy
  • God’s probably an Atheist cause he does not believe in a superior being who created him
  • Good funk doesn’t die, it’s remixed.
  • the American election will be a gender, race and generational contest
  • Blair and Bush made the same mistake in Iraq, but for different reasons.
  • Best measure of national food success is that which foreigners like the most.
  • In Spain it’s blind people who sell lottery tickets. A lesson on trust.
  • Many people I know are migrating to Mac or Ubuntu. I have yet to find one person who loves Vista.
  • USA alternates left and right in decades, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and now?
  • Are Netlog and Meetic the two largest communities in Europe?
  • sms is the technology that has been pronounced dead most often, and Americans are just discovering it…
  • In Spain birth rates collapsed in the 90s, the country had to import 8% of it population in the last 7 years
  • Spain has the most proislamic press that I have seen in Europe.
  • The best diet is to eat whatever u normally eat, but less. I don’t believe in eating weird stuff.
  • In England high school ends at 16, college goes from 16 to 18 and university starts at 18.
  • USA’s fights illegal immigration at the border, Europe in the streets.
  • It would be arrogant of us to believe that only on earth there’s life
  • sometimes my body seems to have a mind of its own
  • Europe is 46% of Google’s profits. Where is Europe’s Google?
  • Eric Schmidt says Google has the LAX theory of corporate culture…if u r stuck at LAX for 6hrs with the candidate…
  • Why is it that most oil in the world is own by non democrats? Coincidence or does oil allow rulers disregard the views of others?
  • the second tear most successful web communities like bebo, netlog, fotolog or twitter have a real hard time making more than $500K per month
  • www.jamba.de spends 70 million euros in TV advertising, and it’s profitable
  • ad based companies reach a ceiling that is only pierced when they get into the virtual property business a la facebook gifts
  • the bubble test: when only vcs and not crowds fall in love with your idea
  • Countries don’t attack countries in which they have invested a lot of money, unless they are about to lose it….
  • twitter without IM is not fun as I twit from my blackberry using jabber, fix this please!!
  • Most of the people who speak Spanish are poor.
  • Best cities to visit: NYC, Tokyo, Berlin, BA, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, San Fran.
  • the different between a first wife and a second wife is that with the first u lost all arguments, with the second…most
  • Berlin is by far the most interesting city in Germany
  • Israel was built on the premise that Jews needed a safe home. Now the least safe place for Jews is Israel.
  • The best incentive that we could offer Russia to reform is membership in the EU
  • Why do ethnic groups who frequently murder each other stop doing so the moment they immigrate to USA?
  • Yasmina Khadra says that the 2 choices of islamic youth r to emigrate or become terrorist.
  • Paradox: The place in which Palestinian’s live best is Israel. The place in which they are worse off is Lebanon.
  • skype is better than google talk but google talk keeps showing up everywhere, on twitter, blackberry, gmail…
  • The most educated countries are those with the lowest police to crime ratios.
  • The richest countries are those with the richest poor people.
  • To what extent are new generations taller because of widespread availability of C Sections?
  • genetics is getting to the point in which while we cannot know our genetic future knowing our genome we can now do a genetic “horoscope”
  • Argentina has a huge trade surplus with China because China is the first industrialized country that does not subsidize its own food
  • Is China the rising tide that lifts all boats?
  • Only robots and communities yield extraordinary profits.

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Max Navarro on December 26, 2007  · 

Contradictory, is it not? Like life


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Patxi A K on January 2, 2008  · 

This is inspiring! I’ve grown a little bit tired of blogging in the last couple of months, or at least I don’t have enough time to build proper posts.

But I always have ideas zooming in and out of my mind. So posting them as minimalist sentences can be quite interesting. I will try this starting now!

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Daniel on January 9, 2008  · 

The real issue with psychology is to think about it just like a discipline focused on helping people with mental disorders. I invite you to consider what psychology can do for the ‘normal’. A positive set of techniques oriented to helping mentally healthy individuals live fuller personal and professional lives. That’s generally called coaching.
Happy new 2008!

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