Even though there is a civil war going on in Libya and global powers are divided on a course of action, there seems to be remarkable agreement that whatever is going on in Libya is, for everyone who has something to say about it,  “unacceptable”.

Obama calls the bloodshed in Libya unacceptable.

-at the same time Gaddafi calls the Arab League support for a no fly zone unacceptable.

-and the Russians are calling outside meddling in Libya unacceptable.

David Cameron has called Gaddafi’s regime unacceptable.

-Lastly, possible GOP presidential rival of Haley Barbour called the price of gasoline resulting from the Libya conflict unacceptable.

Now my question is, if what’s going on in Libya is so unacceptable to everybody.  Why is it still going on?

Added a day later, Iran gets into the game calling foreign soldier intervention in Bahrain “unacceptable”

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Celina (@bunny_zanahoria) on March 15, 2011  · 

Inaceptable…. palabra preferida de muchos, pero pocos con manos limpias.

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Caroline Schukraft on March 22, 2011  · 

I cannot help but wonder. If it is so unacceptable, which it is. What are leaders doing about it. I can remember as a child my parents saying when we see something wrong, we must do everything in our power to correct it. I have heard many people say something is unacceptable, and do nothing because they don’t know what to do. Could this possibly why we are only seeing words. Well I am one for prayer. So I will pray about this. And I hope others do too. Because when it comes to not knowing what to do. We can be assured our God does.

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