First I recommend that you read the life of Muammar al Gaddafi on Wikipedia. After you are done, you may wonder how such a disgusting human being can still be the ruler of Libya. Now that the people of Libya are being massacred by Gaddafi, and clearly want to see him to go, should not NATO send a few fighters over Libya and turn the tide? I am not saying that an immediate attack makes sense; that may lead to nationalism and even more innocent civilian casualties. But the US and the EU could send a clear message that said: stop killing your people, democratize, give freedom to the press, or we will act. the USA almost killed Gaddafi in 1986, so he would probably get the message. The difference between Gadaffi and other dictators is that he has been a sponsor of international terrorism as in the case of the tragic flight over Lockerbie where 270 people died. In any case Gadaffi may fall out of the pure will of its own people but should he continued killing as he has been doing I think EU and USA should seriously consider a military option. The threat of use of force this time could accomplish more than the actual use of force has accomplished in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Andrew Milano on February 21, 2011  · 

Martin, I agree with you partly. About Gadaffi, yes, he is a disgusting and should be OUT now. But, regarding your comments about attacking, wars, etc. (not only on this post btw) you should consider reading and studying a bit more, because you speak like if it was going to buy a candy to the grocery store. Also when you talk about Iran having the bomb, and all that story…you should know, that what you know is 1% (and most people know 0,05%) War is not a game, and there are more things involved, such as interests, agreements (which you don’t know),business, etc. Maybe you should consider posting only about tech-issues, because for people like me, who are involved and we know information that most of the world population don’t, it is amazingly nonsense your comments about that.
With all my respect.

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Jack on February 25, 2011  · 

should not NATO send a few fighters over Libya and turn the tide?

For the answers to your question, read the recent book The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century by George Friedman.

What I found so enlightening about this book is the author’s analysis of how geo-politics work and what the real intentions of the US and NATO are in the world … it’s far different from what the public perception seems to be.

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steve on March 10, 2011  · 

The problem with responding to the Libyan crisis with an armed intervention to specifically support one side in order to remove another albeit one of human history’s many grotesque dictators is where do you draw the line? What about Somalia, the Sudan, the Ivory Coast etc.? My view is that the UN should ACT in an equitable fashion and agree with neighbouring countries NOT just the West to pool military resources and intelligence to act as a rapid response force to intervene when it is clear atrocities are being committed by ruthless dictatorships. As shown by Sky News in Zawiya. But then there is the issue of China and Russia etc etc etc and the UN rarely getting its act together.

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