madridDopplr, a company I have invested in, recently added a new set of features that let you mark places you’ve been in cities around the world, like quality restaurants and hotels, as well as other places to explore. It’s something like a for travel, a streamlined city guide that aggregates the collective intelligence and experience of travelers like you. Dopplr calls it the social atlas. You can find pages for all the main destinations in the world, see for example Madrid, Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney.

As you visit cities around the world, Dopplr will alert you to the places your network has been and enjoyed. Dopplr has made marking places as easy as possible: wherever you see a place you can click on the green “+” next to it to say you’ve “been here”. Click a second time to say “you’ve been there and liked it”. If you want to undo all of this, just click a third time.

In other news, Dopplr now lets you easily add trips using Twitter, simply sending a direct message to dopplr, something like “d dopplr a trip to London on May 19th until May 23rd”. You can add trips via email as well.

My friend Marko Ahtisaari has joined Dopplr’s team as CEO at the beginning of the year and will focus on improving the user experience, strengthening the team and building out the business model.

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Elliott on March 21, 2009  · already has that feature as well as user reviews of hotels, restaurants, tourist sites

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