In collaboration with our friends at Accton who own SMC, Skype and Fon have jointly launched an offering that includes a Skype WiFi phone. For only 139 euros, 99 pounds or $159 you get a Skype WiFi phone and a Fonera. Now users can see the benefit of the Skype Fon alliance. The largest virtual phone network in the world, Skype and the largest wifi network in the world, Fon, team up to jointly launch a wifi phone that connects for free wherever you find other foneros (fon community members).

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tiberio on November 15, 2006  · 

Nice set! 🙂

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Killy-the-Frog on November 16, 2006  · 

Good news, but it seems that it do not support GSM.
Wifi coverage is still too rare not to have GSM. And I do not want to have two phones… Except if I use the Skype phone only at home…

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Bernard Leung on November 16, 2006  · 

How about another solution, for those who have pocket PC, a bluetooth handset + PocketPC(with SkyPe) + FON Router, a lower cost solution

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Steve Ross on November 16, 2006  · 

Bernard – if your pocket pc has a web browser, most do, you can use FON & skype already! Skype is available for download on many models of pocket pc’s. I tried this with an Ipac some time ago and it worked fine. My Ipac was below the memory requirements for skype so it struggled a lot, a newer model should work fine.

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Alan Bell on November 16, 2006  · 

now what would be really nice is if they bundled that with a 12 month subscription to an ISP that lets customers share their broadband . . . any interest in this? Who could I talk to about it?

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steven on November 17, 2006  · 

hmm I bought myself an Nokia E70… I can call “voip” or get called “voip” in any shop with Wifi… Hence I tried to connect to a lot of Fonero’s but they seem to turned down their Fon… or you had no connection outside their residential homes…
Also you had to “surf” first to the fon page before you can connect…

With non-fonero’s (and people who don’t use WEP) I can connect without having to surf… it connects by itself…

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euronerd on November 23, 2006  · 

Nice gadget, but how does the “Bill” get paid ?

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Ei Lee on November 27, 2006  · 

I have a product called “hotspot-mini”. This is an USB-stick size of access point. Any Windows XP computer connect an internet via HotSpot, xDSL, etc and have USB port can be shared broadband by this access point. This product will be available in Europe soon. It is not router but connection can be shared upto 10 compuiters at the same time. This AP may be a solution for FONERAS in cofé, restaurant, etc.

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