Should I start a fund?

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This is not an offering. It´s an enquiry. The companies that I invest in is public information. I am an entrepreneur and the full time CEO of Fon, but I am also the head of Jazzya, my VC company, out of which I both start my own companies (Jazzya comes from Jazztel and Ya.com) and invest in other companies, like Technorati, Netvibes, Joost and others that you can see listed on the right side of this blog. People have asked me to open up Jazzya for other people to invest with me, and so far I have taken only one investor.

If you would be interested in investing with me please send me an e mail. I don´t have time to go on a road show to see if there´s interest, so this blog can maybe achieve a similar objective. If I actually do a fund I would only take high net worth individuals or institutions, not because I want to discriminate in any way, but because what I do is very risky and I would need investors who understand this risk.

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