I am glad to introduce our team in Japan, led by Junichi Fujimoto as CEO of FON Japan. Tomoyasu Chigahara, President, Munekazu Mishima and Nina Nikkhou are talso team members of FON in Japan.

I know my tone sounds like a FON promotion and in a way it is, as this is the blog of the entrepreneur who is building FON, but I don´t have any problems confessing that my happiness comes from the fact that we were trying to have Junichi Fujimoto run Japan for many months and I am so happy he accepted to do so.

Welcome Junichi and his team!

Junichi Fujimoto, CEO


St. Mary’s International School: graduated Boston University: School of Management, transferred Sophia University: Comparative Culture, graduated

1998 January
Extreme Network Japan KK

1998 June
livedoor Co., Ltd. (Mothers 4753 Publicly Listed) Founder/President

1999 October
Shoeisha KK (JASDAQ 9478 Publicly Listed) CEO’s Room

2000 December
eZuz Japan KK (AMB 2495 Publicly Listed) Founder/CEO

2004 May
Willio Inc. (currently A2Meida KK)
Founder/CEO (still in position)

2006 June
TTG KK (JASDAQ 1991 Publicly Listed)
Board Director (still in position)

Tomoyasu Chigahara, President


Teikyo University: Literature Department, Specialty in Education

October 1997
GIGAJAPAN Co., Ltd. Online Survey Division Manager
– Promoted business alliance between Concept Test (USA) and GIGAJAPAN
– Introduced online survey business into Japanese market

July 1999
YMIRLINK Co., Ltd. Board of Director

October 1999
GBNEXSITE Co., Ltd. Founder, Board of Director, COO
– Produced the largest female portal site “@woman” in Japan
– Produced mobile contents for KDDI
– Promoted business alliance with “Destiny Media Technology Inc(OTCBB:DSNY)” of Java streaming company in CANADA

July 2000
eZuz Co., Ltd. (Sapporo Stock Exchange:2475) Board of Director

November 2001
DS Interavtive Co., Ltd. VP Business Development
– Promoted business alliance with “Uprizer,” P2P leading company in the US

June 2003
ZION Co., Ltd.(Tokyo Stock Exchange:2338) Manager of Business Development
– Promoted business alliance with “Song Dog Network Inc,” music licensing company in the US
– Licensed leading Japanese mobile contents providers with music recording

June 2005
Netdeavors Inc. President&CEO

Munekazu Mashima, Technical Support Group Director


1996 – 1997
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., Web Design Staff
– Planning and Development(HTML, CGI)

1997 – 2000
Microsoft Co., Microsoft OS Testing Staff
– Network Function, Shell and Application Compatibility for WindowsNT4.0 SP and Windows2000

2000 – 2003
Web Design (Freelance)
– Sales, Planning, Development(Server Construction, HTML, CGI)

2003 – 2006(September)
NEC Infrontia Co., Development Staff
– VoIP System Development(embedded software)

Nina Nikkhou, Corporate Communication Group Director


International School of the Sacred Heart: graduated Duke University: B.A. Economics, B.A. Comparative Area Studies, Minor in French Studies University of Paris-La Sorbonne: Credits in Economics, Western European Studies, French

Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting, KPMG, AIG: Summer Internships

October 2003 – July 2006
ABeam Consulting Inc., Consultant
– Japanese Megabank Merger Consolidation PMO Support Project in Shanghai
– Taiwanese Leading Hardware Vendor CRM Assessment Project in Taiwan
– Global Insurance Firm Agency Marketing Strategy Design Project in Tokyo
– Japanese Leading Lease Company Main System Reestablishment Project in Tokyo

July 2006 – present
TGA Inc., Coordinator
– Provide individually tailored end-to-end relocation services to expatriates in Tokyo
– Co-develop relocation package materials
– Perform monthly analysis on trends of overseas assignees

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When will you start your great team in Hong Kong?

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