Many people tell me that all is well with Fon until WiMax kills WiFi and then we will become obsolete. I think these critics don´t get it. WiMax comes in two flavors, proprietary bandwidth and public bandwidth. Fon is prepared for both. If it comes in open mode Fon is already in conversation with our Fonera supplier Accton to make routers that connect to DSL or Cable and send both WiFi and WiMax signal so we can give those out to Foneros and quickly deploy open WiMax. Also a WiMax enabled fonero will have so much more range! And if it comes in propietary flavor Fon will show operators that there´s a new way to grow a network, that living rooms can be more efficient than rooftops.

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gerhard on September 17, 2006  · 

“open WiMax” – well, these are great news for future development…. distributing dsl via wimax to large rural areas e.g…. well done!

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Paul Jardine on September 18, 2006  · 

It seems to be one of the main problems with FON. People just don’t seem to understand! Most people I speak to have the misconception that you have to pay for access, even if you provide a FON point yourself.
Thinking that FON is specific to WiFi, rather than a business model where the users build the network in return for access. Sometimes I fear for the future of humanity…

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Daniel on September 18, 2006  · 

Hi Martin,

I would say that the model for WiMAX is going to be different than the one for WiFi. They’re only comparable to some extent. I don’t think that long-range WiMAX antennas would be suitable for our living rooms, except if we want to ‘burn’ ourselves. Also WiMAX is more a network standard while WiFi focuses on the access network side.

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Martin Varsavsky on September 18, 2006  · 


I am glad that most people do not seem to believe that.


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quetzal on September 18, 2006  · 

Hi Martin,

It seems that you pay more attention to this blog than the spanish one so let me talk to you here.

I’m working in a hotel company in the Caribbean region, last week I had a meeting in Jamaica with a company called Digicel. They are the WiMAX service providers around almost 30 countries in this area. Maybe you could be interested in talk with them. If so let me know, I can give some persons you can contact to.



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Craig Plunkett on September 19, 2006  · 

It seems that most people don’t get what FON is at all. FON is what we used to call a protocol gateway, its interfaces have just evolved from V.35 connectors to handsets, wi-fi APs, and any other interface or access method that becomes or will become popular. You should add audio line level outputs with RCA jacks next, Martin. The folks that have to watch out are Linksys, D-Link. and Belkin, not the ISPs. It was a good change of tack, once you ran into the ISP wall in the US. Bravo.

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eriksson on January 25, 2007  · 

in sweden you nedd licens to run

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