My friends Pablo and Rosa Oks of Argentina asked Chilean architect Mathias Klotz to design a home for them in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. The result is stunning. It is a three bedroom home facing the Atlantic Ocean. Jose Ignacio is a small village in Uruguay near the mostly environmentally destroyed Punta del Este. Even though the famous Chilean architect gets most of the credit, I think that Pablo and Rosa deserve a significant part of it. Pablo is an instinctual decorator and Rosa is a great landscape artist who also did my garden.

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Szymon Niemczura on January 14, 2010  · 

Brilliant house! I love slope-side houses with lots of wood and glass.

Is the whole construction wooden or maybe the frame is concrete?

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Martin Varsavsky on January 14, 2010  · 

The house is made of concrete. Wood is added on top of the concrete.

George on January 14, 2010  · 

It is indeed a lovely house. Looks very warm and comfy. And I don’t deny Mathias’ art, but I feel he has repeated what has become a topic in new homes there in PdE. Square “modules”, wood decks, concrete, blood reds and sand colors, hand cut stone walls: A revisited “Santa Fe Style”.
Still I don’t deny the beauty and functionality, but I feel the house lacks…. imagination?

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cecilia varela on January 16, 2010  · 

bellísima. Los detalles, la luz recorriendo cada rincón, parece que el paisaje los espiara por las ventanas.

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Albi on January 17, 2010  · 

The house is really cool that I would like too.
I love it.

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Alejandro on January 18, 2010  · 

Muy bella, ¿incorpora sistemas inteligentes de uso de energía? el reto ahora es también incorporar sistemas de ahorro de energía. No solo por el ahorro, mas bien por cuidado del medio.

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