Text is the technology of the past. There has to be a better way to communicate an idea than grouping a bunch of letters and words next to each other. It occurred to me that maybe it’s possible to attack one side of the problem, either just the writing side or just the reading side.

In terms of reading it would be interesting to see if we could program a computer to make a movie or animation, as a way to present text in the form of a video. Not only could a computer provide an innovative way to present the text, it could give us images by reading and interpreting the words before we did.

Computers would transform the text into something faster to read and more entertaining. For example, Powerpoint is a product that had enormous success because it simply used a different graphic style, and by ordereding text in an innovative way, it managed to increase understanding and meaning. And Powerpoint presentations are pretty basic.

From there, you can go beyond animations and eventually to an animated movie. Could computers read Harry Potter and create animations based on what they read? For me, I would love to see a software that could turn a story into a comic. Now that’s something that would be really useful.

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n3rd on May 30, 2005  · 

why dont u start by giving us a video version of your blog?
see, this is why it cant be done

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Martin on June 2, 2005  · 

Ok, but I need some help…I can´t do everything!!!


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Aukcje on December 1, 2006  · 

I need help too 🙁

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