We will subsidize a million routers. And the story appeared in Reuters before it did in my blog. Sorry! I was too busy working on the total overhaul of our web site and systems that will happen this week. More to follow.

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fonerobear on June 28, 2006  · 

Funny how all those million routers all went to the United States of the World. Forget the rest of the nations. CANADA. I’m getting peeved that you make a big deal about subsidizing and want more members around the world but only if you live in the u.s or U.K. So much for globalization. I guess Mr. Varsavsky wasn’t thinking big enough.
Typical when it comes to anything internet for the rest of us.

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andrea on June 28, 2006  · 

it’s a beautiful project i hope i will go ahead

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BG on June 30, 2006  · 

In overhauling the website you may want to consider some of Peter Hogenkamp’s suggestions:

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steve on July 3, 2006  · 

selling FON where u share your idle online time with others who want to leech off of you. When ur out ,u can offer the internet to passerbyers inthe street who have wifi and are members of the fon community
What about sharing phonelines? i pay to callout with skype but wouldnt it be great if icould meebo to a meenoer and then jump to his phoneline wher he pays unlimiyed local or national and make my callwithout anybody paying extra? acommunity where we share our IDLE phoneline time..the ptogram would carry u to a net to net connectioon with amember who offershis hr phone. The connectionwould be in that comuter…no going out of the net and paying the piblic jump from sim to ptsm?…it would happen beyween 2 members of meebo…Im steve marcus in spain..

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