As you know I am an entrepreneur. I have ideas and I hire or team up with people to execute them. Lately though I have decided to blog my ideas as I am Fon, Fon, Fon and don´t have time to execute non Fon projects. So here´s an idea for a movie script (I have never produced a movie) inspired of World of Warcraft, the game. I had this idea listening to Joichi Ito´s stories about the 200 person guild he runs at World of Warcraft. It turns out that Joichi has real soldiers playing in his guild. Soldiers who are in Iraq fighting a real war. So they fight a virtual war under Joichi´s leadership and then a real and a real war under their commander. Here´s the plot.

Joichi and his guild play Warcraft and plan a super ingenious attack in the game. In this way people who are new to the game see the game and people who know the game enjoy the tactics. There are 6 million people playing this game but most of the planet is not playing it and through the World of Warcraft movie they would first be exposed to it. After viewers are familiar with the game and see that the game has real live communications of people all accross the planet who coordinate attacks within guilds something happens: the Iraqi members of the guild get kidnapped by Al Qaida operatives in Iraq while they play. The gamers can hear what´s happening, one of them speaks Arabic and starts translating to others the kidnapping scene. Everyone at the guild is shocked they stop playing and start a debate. Joichi (i love to turn my friends into movie heroes) decides that the guild has to do something about this and proposes a plan. Guild members will travel to Iraq and find the hostages. The rest of the movie is the rescue. How the guild gets organized to go. Clever tactics blending game and real life. How everyone arrives from the rest of the world to Iraq, how they meet, probably a love story as well, some humor. The guild becomes something of a “Lost with a mission” in Iraq. Now there could be two versions, the simple Hollywood one in which the hostages are rescued (less interesting) or the Indie one in which through fighting a real war the gamers realize how awful war is, how little there is to gain, how miserable everyone is, how there are no clear losers or winners, how most Iraqis hate Americans and foreigners in general, how devastated the country is. To summarize it´s a story of a guild in a game that becomes a guild in real life fighting a real war. If you are a writer reading this and would like some funding to turn this idea into a script pls feel free to contact me.

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Hadi Kabalan on June 21, 2006  · 

I’m not sure which is more worrying: that Joichi runs a 200 person guild in a parallel reality (!!!), or that real soldiers switch in-and-out of realities where human opponents and virtual opponents might end up blurring in their heads…

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Martín Varsavsky on June 21, 2006  · 

I agree. As a person I am a pacifist and don´t play games. But as an entrepreneur I know that a movie that combined war and a very popular game can be a success.


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Marcelo Levit on June 22, 2006  · 

Hola Martin,
disculpame pero esta va en csstellano.

Vos te definis como un emprendedor social y pacifista.
Comercialmente puede ser una gran idea, pero no te parece mejor promover otro tipo de juegos y/o peliculas?

Para guerras ya tenemos bastante con la realidad.

Para mi es un tema etico. Yo no trabajaria para ninguna tabacalera ni en la caza de ballenas, aunque me reportara millones.

Y vos sabes bien como influyen estos “juegos” en los chicos.

Acaso me he vuelto demasiado naive ???
No creo.


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Olivier on June 26, 2006  · 

The Hollywood version would be another stupid movie glorifying war.
However, the second version about the differences between war In Real Life and war in games could be an interesting and useful movie (Remember ‘Wargame’ some years ago?).
My kids are playing WOW a lot. They can interact safely with other people and learn about collaboration, honesty/dishonesty, generosity, loyalty, conflicts, leadership…
I’m sure they perfectly understand the differences with real war. But it seems that some kids don’t (They shoot people after watching Matrix). Maybe they need a movie to show them that you cannot ‘rez’ in real life, that people suffer and die for real in a real war, leaving their family and friends crying, and that war is sometimes necessary but always awfull.

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Rajan on July 2, 2006  · 

There was a rumour that spielberg is going to direct a movie based on WoW .

Later it turned to be just that a rumour.


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