With the “share a little WiFi at home and roam the world for free” formula, FON got to be the largest WiFi network in the world – currently at over 650K FON Spots. Now, with the new Fonera 2.0n (802.11n) WiFi router that gives Foneros (FON members) an auto uploader/downloader built-in, FON should reach well over 1 million FON Spots.

The Fonera 2.0n is described in the video below. In addition to making you a free, lifetime member in the largest WiFi sharing community on the planet, this is what the Fonera 2.0n does when connected to your favorite hard drive:

– downloads torrents on its own so you can arrive home and watch your favorite content (do not download illegal content, there are plenty of legal torrents available, for example www.legaltorrents.com). You can tell the Fonera 2.0n what you want to download from work or school, from your computer or even from your iPhone or Android.

-downloads from Rapidshare.

-downloads from Megaupload.

-downloads from any site with a file to download, like the latest Ubuntu version.

-uploads videos to YouTube. Send them over WiFi to the Fonera and the Fonera sends those HD monsters to YouTube, freeing up your laptop for the next hours.

-uploads those high quality pictures that take forever to Flickr, or Picasa or even Facebook.

-offers large files for your friends to download.

-prints via WiFi. It sends music to your amplifier via WiFi. It connects to a webcam so you can know what is going on at home. It works with DynDNS.

-converts 3G to WiFi like the MiFi.

-twitters! The fonera is the first gadget to tweet itself. You open an account for your Fonera and the Fonera tells you what it is doing, like “Your video is in Youtube,” or “Somebody connected to your WiFi signal.”

And of course, the Fonera 2.0n is N (802.11n), which means faster WiFi at greater distances. Lastly, if you don’t like to share WiFi and just want to have the Fonera 2.0n all for yourself, or you don’t believe you will make money offering WiFi to others, you can disconnect the FON function altogether…and we will still like you :). But before doing that, you should know that Foneros who share their FON Spot earn on average 6 Euros in revenue (over 8 US Dollars a year), which means your Fonera 2.0n just might end up paying for itself and then some.

More in depth video

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steven on September 15, 2009  · 


it’s LAN/WAN throughput is much better than the Fonera 2.0g
I advise this device for everybody who has a >4mbit broadband internet connection

Question : Will it also ship to Canada?

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Diego Marino on September 15, 2009  · 

Nice examples, pretty similar to these: http://www.slideshare.net/abiquo/abiquo-fon-demo-presentation 😉

Good luck with this stuff 🙂

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Sergio on September 15, 2009  · 

Hola, estoy interesado en la Fonera, el concepto del aparato me parece genial, ya que podría reducir bastante el tiempo que tengo mi PC encendido, pero además reune funciones bastante interesantes como el WIFI através de 3G, pero me gustaría saber si hay por ahi un manual más detallado de sus funciones, funcionamiento etc..


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Javi on September 15, 2009  · 

Does Europe include the UK?

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Martin Varsavsky on September 15, 2009  · 

Europe includes de UK but we don´t have a special UK version with the UK specs. But we can ship a European version to the UK.

ddluk on September 15, 2009  · 

As always I’m ready to test it in Poland 😉

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Daniel Matos on September 16, 2009  · 

Does it come with DLNA Support? (there is all kind of LCD tv’s with DLNA Support)

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Javi on September 16, 2009  · 

Thanks Martin. What specs are different for the UK? Is it just the mains plug?

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Martin Varsavsky on September 16, 2009  · 

we don´t have the UK type plug, let´s say we don´t have an official UK model yet but UK people can order continental European models

Kegeruneku on September 20, 2009  · 

Looks just great !

By curiosity what are the hardware specs of this one ? so i can update openwrt Fon status page …

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Sri on September 23, 2009  · 

I was eagerly waiting for Fonera 2.0n from the time it’s announced. At last released today, just checked the website, it’s on sale but I was not able to order it, since I am based in UK. It’s shame – spoiled my eagerness to checkout this product. I thought it is released in Europe means available in UK also. I didn’t realise that FON considers UK as not part of Europe.

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giuseppe on September 23, 2009  · 

Hi Martin, Though times! Why fonera 2.0g is no more available aside fonera 2.0n? 30 euro can make a lot of difference, for non-early adopters.
I’ve seen since august only fonera 2303 development efforts Will flipper have further releases?

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Sri on September 23, 2009  · 

Looks like your sales department is not aware of your comments about shipping Europe version of Fonera 2.0N to UK customers. I have tried to order this morning, but failed. FON online shop doesn’t take orders for UK customers. I also queried with FON customer service, they confirmed that FON is not selling for UK customers.

Please let me if I can order it as a UK customer( European version) and if so how?

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James Costello on September 24, 2009  · 

I can’t wait to buy my fourth fonera!!! is there any promotion code for early birds?! haha~

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lop1 on September 24, 2009  · 

It is a pity the Fonera 2.0N does not support the UMA to make call over wifi. all the other routers ( linksys, d.link, draytek, ..) support UMA.

“UMA and FON make a lot of sense” as you says some time ago, but this good idea seems to have vanished during the development phase of this project.

Please put it back in the Fonera ( even in the Fonera and the Fonera+ it will be much appreciated )


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J@mes on October 2, 2009  · 

yes, UMA please and other stuff just in case!

what about proc and memory specs???????
and only one USB port?
why are people so stingy on extra ports?

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