Andorra is the country with the highest life expectancy in the world. I did not know this when I recently had dinner with the country´s Prime Minister, Albert Pintat. Andorra is small but it´s not the Vatican. It has 80,000 very well off people with a GDP of close to $3bn. It is a beautiful mountain country between France and Spain. During our dinner we spoke about creating a regime attractive to IT companies and we were talking about how to promote Andorra in the world. Longevity though was not part of our conversation. I think it´s a nice record to have.

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nolihc on May 19, 2009  · 

so what about macau?

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Alejandro on May 21, 2009  · 

In the above link, of the first six countries listed by life expectancy, five are microstates. The data could well be accurate, but it has the unmistakable smell of a statistical artifact, probably a product of the disproportionate effect of population movements in the age pyramid of microstates.

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