I would like to share what’s been said in blogs and media since we announced the Fonera 2.0 launch. The reviews are very positive and early sales are strong. But selling a lot of hardware without advertising is close to a miracle. Especially in the midst of a global crisis. So let´s hope the word of mouth after our first deliveries is enough to sustain the sales. The articles are in the languages I understand.

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Matias Paterlini on April 23, 2009  · 

That list is a HUGE one! Congrats!

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Martin Casillas on April 23, 2009  · 

Hola, yo tengo la fonera aca en Tijuana, Mexico. Me pregunto o si alguien sabe si el feature de 3G de la fonera 2 es compatible con los USB modems de Telcel 3G (pesimo servicio by the way)

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Rafael Arribalzaga on April 23, 2009  · 

Acá esta el link de la cobertura en mi blog para que lo puedas sumar a esa lista!! Saludos desde Argentina y felicitaciones!


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Gonzague on April 23, 2009  · 

thanks again for the invite Martin 🙂

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Josef Janosec on April 23, 2009  · 

Congratulation, i wrote some infos about Fonera 2 in czech too. http://josef.janosec.net/fonera-20

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Martin Varsavsky on April 23, 2009  · 

thank you Josef!

Jordi - FON on April 23, 2009  · 

@Martin Casillas, here the list of 3G Compatible USB Dongles for Fonera 2.0. We are receiving samples from users, getting them to work and keep updating the wiki with new 3G modems. Any sample that you guys don´t use please send to us so we tune up the drivers and get more and more modems into the list.

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Question on April 24, 2009  · 

What a pity that on the new Fonera 2.0 not even the (new) wifi-protocol 802.11n / 802.11-pre-n is on board .
Which possibilities are there for the future ? Software upgrade therefore won’t be enough; hardware modifications ? Expected launch of Fonera 2.1 or Fonera 2.0 – plus ?

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Martin Varsavsky on April 24, 2009  · 

Well it´s a trade off. We could add tons of things to the Fonera 2.0 and sell it for 100 euros. But we thought it was very important to come in at an affordable price. And btw we tested N models vs a Fonera 2.0 with a Fontenna and the Fonera 2.0 with a fontenna left the N in the dust.

Question on April 25, 2009  · 

Thanks for your answer , some questions remain :

Does adding the N-protocol really makes the Fonera 2.0 from ca. 50 euros (+ 10 euros for the Fontenna ) up to 100 euro’s ?

( I cannot really imagin it should be so expensive )

What will happen when you should have used Fonera 2.0 (with 802.11n / 802.11 pre-n) and the Fontenna , can someone distribute the signal then much further and/or broadcast larger area ?

What will the next step / modifications to Fonera 2.1 and/or Fonera 2.0 + (plus) ?

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Martin Varsavsky on April 25, 2009  · 

Earlier prototypes showed N to be much more expensive. Difference is narrowing lately so maybe we will develop one. But it will still be more expensive.

fon-at-mixi on April 26, 2009  · 


Congratulations on the la fonera 2.0 launch.

btw, when will it be launched in Japan?

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Martin Varsavsky on April 26, 2009  · 

soon! Japan is our next country, thanks for asking

fdiez on April 29, 2009  · 

UK? Where can i purchase the Fonera 2.0 in London Martin? (hopefully independently from BT!)

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