Being a non religious person myself I find many of the views of the Catholic Church difficult to deal with. Opposing the use of condoms for example is to me extremely irresponsible. But surfing the net this morning through Microsiervos I got to this comment made by a Vatican astronomer who I found summarized what I thought about creationism, mainly that creationism is a superstition. I was surprise to find myself in total agreement with the Catholic Church. I wonder though what the rest of the Catholic Church thinks about creationism.

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Xavier on May 9, 2006  · 

I’m full agree with this comments and this are exactly the opinion of catholic church, I’m surprised that the son of a physic doesn’t know that the theory of the Bing Bang was formulated by a catholic priest.
And that big beng theory it was allways exposed as the first motor of the Santo Thomas theory (Causa primera)
Also as they said superstition is paganism and they are against that, that’s include a lot of rituals that are done by catholics and the catholic church doesn’t like.

Regarding the use of condoms, I think you don’t have idea of wich is the position of the catholic church, and you only speack about what you listen to said to the people who atacs the catholicism, but you never listened a representant of the catholic church to give his opinion about the preservatives.

The catholic church is against use the sex as a pleasure without an aim. Coitus (copulation) it has an aim and is not only the pleasure.
Catholic don’t like that we consider sex just as an other entertainment.
That’s why they critic the use of the condoms and other preservatives, because they are against to have sexual relations just for fun. They said that sexual relations must be for express the love of the couple and finally “maybe” to reproduce his love.

The catholic Church recommend the abstinence in sex, if is not for express the love and assume the posible consequences…

Use of preservatives is consider as the second best option if you are having sex just for sex, but they can not accept that people have sex jus for the pleasure, so that’s why atack the use of condoms.

But believe me if you asked to a priest if you should use a condom because you are a prostitue, he never will said don’t use, he will said I’m going to help you to change of profession but during this time use it.

The catholic church figth very actively against Prostitution and has a lot of organizations that help poor prostritues, and one of the thing that they do is provide condoms to safe the healt of them…

It’s strange some times the ignorance that you show about several matters, for be a person with intelectual capacity and a lot of curiosity is strange… but I should admit that as I live in Spain I don’t know too much about Islam, Judaism, Hinduism…
Anyway I hope that you have understand a little bit better the catholic position.

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Anonymous on May 9, 2006  · 


With all due respect, the Catholic Church’s official policies on the following subjects are extremely clear (regardless of whether priests in a given parish actually enforce those rules). Some of these policies are:

No contraception (the word refers to “perservative” something you put into food so it doesn’t go bad).

No abortion (not even in the case of rape, sexual abuse, but with the sole exception of risk to the health to the mother).

Women have no role in the official policy or decision-making of the Church. Women cannot be priests and DO NOT VOTE for the Pope.

Priest cannot marry but give marital advice and set marital policies.

The Church is strictly against same sex marriage and same-sex intercourse.

Did you follow the process of Ratzinger’s ordination as Pope? No democratic society would ever accept a group of +70 year old white men wearing red costumes deciding secretly the policies that affect the most intimate details of their lives. That is what is so wrong with the Church. Would you accept these procedures and decision-making processes by your government?

Let me tell you, I know Vatican officials and Martin’s comment that amongst the policies of the Church that bother him is contraception is NOT based on ignorance.

As a piece of advice for a non-native English speaker with very limited writing skills, at least use spell-check before you post something in a very public blog.

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Dabis Camero on May 9, 2006  · 

Hi Martin,

By reading “Atheism: The Case against God” by Smith One can learn about Philosophy, Law, the Lies and Manipulation underneath religions, etc.


– Dabis Camero

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Xavier on May 9, 2006  · 

Well sorry for not be a native english.
And sorry for be catholic.

Because seems that for you both things are enough to insult or try to offend me.

Well regarding the democracy inside the church, I don’t have any objection about it. And concierning your question about if I will accept that my country will be manage in the same way, my answer is probably yes.
Because the cardinals and the bishops are choose in base to his merits, so we are in front of a meritocracy, and yes I believe in the system, probably more than a democracy, basically because I consider that to have a real democracy you must have educated people, and actually that’s not real in the major part of the world.
But a meritocracy is a system that works better in a club like the catholic church, where you have a fixed rules, and you only need to follow up. In a country could be different, because you have different options and you need to know what the peoples wants.

Concierning the situation of the women inside the church let me clarify something.
The catholic church is probably the religion who gave more power to the women on his structure.
You have a lot of catholic positions that are develop by womens, like nuns or a better example prior. So under this position a women it has big parcels of power inside the catholic church, also during centuries the women can not manage money in Europe, and the only women who has capacity to mange were the prior of the convents. To be a nun during centuries was the only option for a women to be listen by the people.
The catholic church it provides the seven sacraments to everybody without taking in consideration the sex, because for them women and men was the same. For the catholicism the most important human being is a women, the virgin, and after the trinity is the most important figure in the religion, after that in order of importance you have the saints, and in that case you have again women and men.
I thing that in the islam the situation is very different, and in the judaism too. In the judaism you have as a very important “sacrament” that is bar mitzhva, the first time that was aplicated a women was in 1922…

Concierning the capacity of the women to choose inside the catholic church, I told you that is the same than the men. They provide her opinion and the church hierarchy decide.

I told in the past that speacking with a cardinal he told me that during a lesson in the Gregorian University, a lady ask to him what he undestood by the word family, and he gave his opinion, that was the european model, she answer that in the part of africa, the word cousin doesn’t exist, and for her all the sisters of her natural mother are mom too, and she call them mom, and the sons of the sisters are her brothers…

That’s an example of one of the problems of comprenhesion that has the catholic church. You are critic with them because you have an european point of view, but the Church is extended around the world. In africa nobody ask for the situation of the women inside the church hierarchy, in Africa the major problem is that the catholic people want to have more than one women, because his muslim neighbours have more than one, and his other neighbours are animist, that accepts too the poligamy.

That’s why catholic church can not said yes to everything because finally it will not have any sense, and will be full of contradictions.

That’s also the reason why Benedictus XVI is consider as ultra-orthodox, because he was responsible of the doctrina, and the doctrina must be the same and can not accept too many changes because if not you can have problems of contradictions between different cultures.

And when you said priest can not marry, I just inform you that this decission has a lot of relation with that the women could not be priest. In fact the major reason is that a women can have children (like a man) and if they have they will not have full dedication to his parishioner, and to God (Obviously “parishioner” word I fund it on word

The marital advice that give a priest, is just an indication about what the church thinks about several problems that exist in the marital life.
This conclussions have been taken not only for not marry priest, on that are included a lot of theologs that are married.
Also the marital advice is just that an advice you can follow or not.

The catholic church doesn’t accept same sex intercourse, or relations (women can not too) for the same reason that they are against the use of the condoms. Sex is not just for pleasure, is for create live trougth the love.

As a catholic, and as independent human being I’m not agree with the new spanish law that equiparates to the matrimony the relations between two persons of the same sex. It’s to long to explain, but I consider that matrimony is something else.

But as a catholic I’m against the actitude that the spanish episcopal conference took, I think that everybody is free of do what they want to do.

The rules of the Catholic church are for the people who believe on this rules, so If you don’t believe this rules doesn’t correspond to you.
Jesus Vazquez a spanish very famous tv show man, who is gay, it said in the past the church is like a golf club, they have his rules, if you don’t like it you only need to search other golf club…

If you said that you know very well Vatican officials and that you spoocke with them about this matter and they didn’t said the same than me, it same that we don’t know the same people, honestly I only spoocke about this matter with 2 archi-bishops and any cardinal, but when you listen the bishops and the cardinals to speack about that they use to keep this version.

I can told you that I use to contribute to sevral catholic causes and one of them is against kids prostitution in Brasil, there we provide food , beds, school, to kids of several favelas, and there we focused to try to take out of the business the kids, but as they know how difficult is we provide condoms to them to avoid problems (I admit that this position creates a discussion inside the church but we have the support of some bishops like Pere Casaldaliga)

Also I want to repeat inside the catholic church you have milliards of people, so not everybody could be a good person neither a good catholic…

Abortion, the difference of opinion between you and me is that for me inside the mother still being a human being. And for me a human being have some rigths, and that’s why we are against to kill someone or to suicide. The life is a rigth provide by God, and couldn’t be take for a men. That’s one of the most important rules of the catholicism.
So for me when you put examples like: rape, sexual abuse… it doesn’t change nothing, the life still having rigth to live. The baby is not responsible of this bad act, for me is the same if you kill the baby when its born, why he should pay the bad act of his father??? I understand the difficult situation for the mother and I’m so sad about that, but you can not kill an inocent for that.

Regarding preservative sorry for the misunderstanding, but preservative is the sustantive of to preserve, and a condom is there to preserve, so is a preservative (because is a thing and a thing is a sustantive)

To the blogmaster,
I apologize for my poor level of english.
But I’m not agree to use a spell check, because i don’t have too much time and I’m here to enjoy giving opinions not to assume more responsabilities, I accept to use word reference to search some words like “feligreses” but not more, also I don’t know any good translator (and I think that Martin’s didn’t find it too because he said that when Brainslayer introduced to hima swedish girl to translate he tougth that will be a kind of transaltor software, and that he didn’t know anyone, so… I’m speacking about the girl that brainslayer put a picture of her in central park during the christo exposition call the doors-)
Also when I said that I’m sourprised that Martin’s doesn’t know wich is the position about the ceationism, and that the Big Bang was formulated by a priest is because in summer during his holliday’s on french polinesia he read a book that explains a lot of this things and they explain that.

In my previous post I just tried to explain wich is the opinion of the catholic church based in my experience, I’ll be thankfull if you can indicate me why I recived this agressive an insultant answer from anonymous (because usually that use to be the same bloger) I let you my e-mail adress to evit more insults on this blog.
Also just an observation, if I use to participate inthis blog is basically because isn’t too much public, but is very interesting, specially the part of fon and other entre experiences. Other advantage is that you can follow up and you don’t have 100 comments by post. Also is very easy to identificate yourself, because I only find one time other comment from other Xavi or Xavier, so if you want to offend me don’t tell me that is a very public blog… Because just the nice here is that the familiarity.

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Marcelo Levit on May 10, 2006  · 

I am not sure that Vatican Astronomer represents the Catholic Church’s views, this has to be checked.

And when he says:

“And science needs religion in order to have a conscience, to know that, just because something is possible, it may not be a good thing to do.”

I do not agree at all.
Science needs ethics, not religion.
People needs ethics, not religion.

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Anonymous on May 10, 2006  · 

To #4 sorry for sounding offensive. I definitely apologize, it was not my intention.

I agree that Catholic policies are coherent and consistent, much more so probably than in other Christian denominations. I was only highlighting that there were a series of consistent policies that some people may not support regardelss of whether these polcies are defendable. As a matter of fact, other than the lack of transparency in the decision-making process of the Church, I have only stated the policies without giving my opinion on them, revealing whether or not I am a Catholic or otherwise.

Thanks for the healthy debate.

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Alfredo Mehon on May 15, 2006  · 

Anynymous, you should realize that it is not mandatory to be a native English speaker to contribute with your comments to this blog.

Regarding your opinions about the Catholic church, you’re free to think in a very different way, as Martin does, but you should show respect for those who profess this religion.

However, you should keep in mind that the Catholic Church has been alive for the last XX Centuries following the same rules, and this probably means that the Popes and their Cardinals have been following the right track during all this time!

If you really think that the democratic parties and politicians are doing it better, you’re free to do so.

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sandro on June 3, 2006  · 

los seres humnaos solo estan es busqueda de la verdad pero aveces esta verdad es subjetiva…

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María Mercedes Cárdenas on September 29, 2007  · 

Well hi, I am María Mercedes, a student from México sorry if my english is not very good, and have some spelling mistakes, but well, in my school there is a homework that I have to do, is about the position of church with the preservatives, and how I could support their idea and I have to do this speech and a well essay about this subject. I am catholic, but in that way of idea I think there are some cases that any human could use the preservatives but only in a few cases! But I my idea have to change to do this homework, and when I readed your post, I liked very much, there are some points of view that are good, well if you could write more things about that subject you will help me a lot, thak you for help.

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Julio Sanchez on May 22, 2009  · 

The “conservapedia” entry for Catholic views on creation appears to be pretty on point with what I understand to be the catholic position. For the most part, it’s a pretty liberal and accepting view of evolutionary theory.

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Julio Sanchez on May 22, 2009  · 

Heh Heh,

I actually meant to post the WIKIPEDIA entry. IT seems to be accurate, the “conservapedia entry” is pretty much political in nature.

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