After months of hard work, our development team at FON has just released the latest, production release of the firmware for our upcoming Fonera 2.0, a release codenamed Platero. I’d like to congratulate with all the people at FON involved in this project for the terrific work they’ve done. The Fonera 2.0 will be available from early April, more details to come soon.

The Fonera 2.0 is the WiFi router that helps users easily manage their relationship with the Web 2.0. Foneros not only will make money and roam the world for free but will also be able to manage their storage, backup, uploading and downloading activities, thanks to a USB port and a selection of plugins developed by the community. The Fonera 2.0 will also be totally open to developers, that will have the chance to program their own applications for other Foneros, making use of the USB port and the open programming environment.

Here is a list of all the new features introduced with this release, including a Torrent downloader and a Youtube uploader.

  • Installation wizard. Some questions will be asked the first time you connect to the fonera 2.0 and type “fonera” on your browser.
  • Youtube Uploader. Take a pen drive, put all your videos in a folder named “youtube” and plug it to the fonera. Your videos will be automatically uploaded to your YouTube account! This is a real 2.0 router.
  • Torrent downloader. Get some torrent files, upload them to the fonera and this will download them for you. You can turn your computer off and go to bed. Platero will do the work :)
  • MegaUpload and RapidShare downloads. Yes, we never announced this. How does it sound? Configure your RS or MU account, copy a big lot of MU or RS links from the Internet and paste them on the fonera interface. The fonera will download the. But wait… you don’t want to download stuff while you surf? no worries, tell Platero to download things at a certain time frame, while you sleep for instance!
  • 3G provider list. Have a 3G USB dongle and don’t know your configuration settings? No worries, tell the fonera your country and your 3G provider… Platero knows the rest (except for your PIN, of course :P )
  • Need help? check our videos. Every page in the fonera GUI now has a help button. It will take you to a video where our lovely colleague Martina will tell you how to use that page. Ain’t it sweet? More videos and improvements are coming!
  • More to come… we’re already developing new features (improved interface), new applications (VPN, advanced networking, Picasa uploader, iStremer for iTunes…), fixing bugs, etc.

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ddluk on March 19, 2009  · 

Hi. I see that someone create my idea for which I want write software for Fonera 2.0 but nobody as always contact with my. I wrote few months ago mail that I will wrote plugin which provide possibility to download files from rapidshare. I only wanted from to you to send me that beta La Fonera 2.0 and I see that someone write that for me 🙁 I still have few ideas but I think that I won’t tell that.

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polac on March 19, 2009  · 

Do you have a final price for this device?

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smithers the smith on March 23, 2009  · 

Well, I really wait for that machine.
Did I get it right: La Fonera2.0 will provide 3G by USB-Stick accessability? So I won’t need no more DSL or other cable-related technologies an can go all radio/wireless? So La Fonera will take the 3G-Connection and spread it via WLAN or/ Ethernet?
I’m also keen on the torrent-ability together with a harddrive …

Though I ask myself: Will such things run alltogether via USB-Hub? Is USB (and that maybe via Hub) capable of managing the data in a decent period of time?

thanks for sharing your infos

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smithers the smith on March 24, 2009  · 

In my opinion there’s something that lacks in that -I suppose- great machine: I’d appreciate an Analog_telephony_adapter to use my SIP-Account and a cool oldschool telephone.

By the way: My prophecy is: La Fonera 3.0 will have USB 3.0…

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