… is that half an hour from the city you have wilderness. That you don´t have in Milano, Paris, London, Barcelona and other cities. Madrid is an island of people in a sea of nature. Population density around Madrid is the lowest of the big cities in Europe. These pictures were taken today as I left work for 3 hours to go riding.

Madrid has another advantage that it is better known. While London has 65 sunny days per year, we have 290. And I don´t know about you but I never get tired of sunny days.

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Christian on February 13, 2009  · 

Its kind the same in Berlin. The City is surrounded not by suburbs but lots of woods and lakes. Only difference is the weather, i dont know if we actually have sunny days 😉

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PabloS on February 14, 2009  · 

Yeap. if you live in London you feel pretty miserable during winter. I mean know. Actually, we got arround 240 rainy days per year. After reading your post, I know where I will be moving to 😉


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Max on February 14, 2009  · 


I am sorry, but it has nothing to do: Berlin surroundings are like parks, it is a sort of wilderness under parole. You can find power, water and gas plugs in many paths.

Madrid surroundings are really wild, wolves included.


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Joe Kopiki on February 14, 2009  · 

Lovely pictures!

I am living in Richmond, a town inside Greater London and I am marvellous of how many wild animals you can see inside the city.

Not only squirrels , even foxes!

I saw one from my window the night London was cover by snow.


Also in the Park of Richmond there are deer. So everyday a ran between these animals.

Ah! and the weather is not so bad. Obviously is better in Madrid!

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Miquel on February 14, 2009  · 

You don’t need to go to Richmond to see wild foxes in London, they are a common sighting in Islington and Westminster (well inside transport zone 1!), although, true, in this case is not that the surroundings are wild but that wilderness has maanged to adapt to a urban environment…

Near Barcelona you also ave pretty wild spots (altough surroundend by a heavily populated area), like the Montseny natural park (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montseny).

I am wondering what happened to Fointainevleau Forest near Paris. It is used to be a magnet for the impressionist and other artists. Is still there?

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XL on February 15, 2009  · 

I really apreciatte the big difference (in terms of quality) of the new photo equipment…

But I’m not agree with your opinion concierning wilderness in Barcelona.

First we have the sea, where obviously you have a lot of natural wild life…. hehehe

Second we have “Serra collserola” that is an amazing natural park in the middle of the urban life. And it has 11.000 Ha of land (110.000.000. square meters) , the advantage is that is a forest, not a “paramo” like Madrid… But is difficult to see snow here, because it’s not usual to be below 10ºC in Barcelona… But if you want snow you have ski resorts just 1 hour from Barcelona…

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Kathleen on February 16, 2009  · 

Beautiful photos….. beautiful scenery.. we have a National Park that stretches from Cleveland to Akron – about 30 miles with bike trails all through it.

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