I will be in San Francisco, NYC, and Boston next week.

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pablotossi on February 22, 2006  · 

just at this moment there is a good opportunity in SF, Google & EarthLink have combined their proposal to build a network in San Francisco.

As part of the proposal, Google will push a free network and Earthlink offer a paid services.

Dont you think taht FON it could be associated with them two through Google?

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Martín Varsavsky on February 22, 2006  · 



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sara on February 23, 2006  · 

bring me back a bagel .I live in murcia spain. and menorah for my little girl who is 3 now. Cant find any in Murcia…

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Alvaro on February 24, 2006  · 

How will you train millions of users to easily deploy and use FON, especially if you target non-techies? it may be worth to create some good demos/ webinars/ elearning courses. What about “FON Scouts” who help others set up?

Enhorabuena por la ronda, Martin

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Cem Mimaroglu on February 24, 2006  · 

Are you going to be making public appereances or public speeches during your stay in New York City (i.e. Columbia U)?



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Martín Varsavsky on February 24, 2006  · 

Hi Cem,

So far I am giving magazine interviews. We are this week in New York Magazine for example, but I studied at Columbia, love the school!


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Cem Mimaroglu on February 27, 2006  · 

I studied at Columbia Business School as well and that is how I got introduced to your vision and achievements (during speech at the school).

I will make sure and pick up a copy of the New York Magasine



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