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I wrote about Spotify about a year ago, after trying the service. Spotify is a great music software offering free ad-supported music streaming with an iTunes-like interface, a growing database and instant on-demand access to the music you save in your playlists or discover using the search or “similar artists” features. If you want no ads to interrupt your music you can pay for a subscription (9,99€/month) or buy a day pass (probably a good option if you are planning a party).

After a closed beta period, Spotify is gradually opening to users around the world, and is now available in Spain. For those of you who live in this country, you can subscribe and download the client from this address. For those who live in countries where Spotify isn’t available yet, Michael Arrington posted about a way to get Spotify anyway, give it a try.

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Luis on January 21, 2009  · 

Spotify has a superb product. Really good for music lovers. But search-browse could be improved and catalogue needs to get bigger.

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Dani Santi on January 21, 2009  · 

I am a recent Spotify user, and I would like share better music, and I miss here as in other software the lyrics, something like minilirycs.

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Andreas on January 23, 2009  · 

Spotify is a giant leap forward for music. I love it. Today it also was made public that they have hired Gustav Söderström (Yahoo/Kenet Works) to make a mobile phone version of Spotify.

If you want invites we have a competition at right now. All you have to do is register and upload a picture to your profile.

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