I would like to apologize to those who tried to buy the FON plug and play routers and only got to reserve them. What happened is that we ran out of them and we had to buy more and hire more people to flash them. We are taking orders again now and we plan to deliver the orders in less than 30 days.

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teleken on February 14, 2006  · 

This is a good problem to have, i would start to wonder about the company if you where posting a fire side sale of overstock merchandise.

In other words This is good news !!!

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Stephen Ross on February 16, 2006  · 

Please post this on the FON site! Many people view that site for information and are unaware of your blog.

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Shawn on February 16, 2006  · 

My reservation email said FON would contact me to arrange payment/delivery, but I have not even received that email. What should I expect? Do you know the shipping charge?


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