As a result of yesterday´s announcement about FON there have been tens of thousands of new readers coming to my blog. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome these new readers and say a few things about myself and my blogs. First of all I am a blogaddict. I keep 6 blogs, three in English and three in Spanish. These blogs are Safe Democracy. Safe Democracy is one of my foundation in Europe. Safe Democracy and Club de Madrid organized a very large conference on Democracy and Terrorism attended by 1300 experts and over 20 heads of States as well as Kofi Annan. The result is that blog. Then I have the blog of the Varsavsky Foundation which as opposed to Safe Democracy is not a collaborative blog. I am the only writer in that blog and it is there where I speak about my (many times controversial political views), I keep those away from this blog as this blog is my blog as an entrepreneur. This blog tells the story of FON and also of many ideas that I have that never make it into companies. Now in my blogs I reserve the right to not accept commentaries. I also reserve the right to delete or change posts should circumstances arise that make me do so, for example if pressed by my lawyers or other people´s lawyers. I also reserve the right to ammend posts for the same reasons. Lastly this blog tells my views on FON, they reflect the spirit of the entrepreneur but FON also has its own blogs and fora and for official FON information you should go to the FON web site.

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Josh Barrett on February 9, 2006  · 

I would like you to explain the speakeasy situation.

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Martín Varsavsky on February 12, 2006  · 


Speakeasy and FON are not partners. This was a misunderstanding started by the press misreading my blog. Our investors are Skype, Google, Sequoia and Index Ventures, not Speakeasy.


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