I just discovered The Daily Beast. This site seems to be launched as a direct competitor to the super successful Huffington Post that I sometimes write for. Here´s a comment that may sound sexist, but here it goes anyway. When guys do news sites with little money that are enormously successful they build sites like Jay and Kevin´s Digg. And I don´t know the demographics, but I would venture to say that Digg is 80% male.

When women do sites they do Huffington Post or The Daily Beast. These sites are much less about technology and much more about editing and collaboration. Tina and Arianna search the world for writers who want to post without getting paid, people who have other jobs, don´t need the money and want the possibility of getting heard in a very popular site. Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose don´t want to be editors, don´t even want to host original content. They trust the code.

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