i just heard Sebastian de Halleux present at Monaco Media Forum. He is brilliant, his company´s strategy is brilliant. They are growing like crazy. Playfish seems to be the Nintendo Wii more than the PS3 of games played at social platforms. These are simple, stupid, addictive games. His company just raised $17 million from my friends at Accel and partners at Index. Google just chose them to be their partners for a new platform for advertisivn in games. They have 20 million people playing their games. But as I listen to Sebastian I can´t stop thinking that in this new era in which nothing is worth more than 10 times earnings no matter how they growth I wonder how at a $50 million valuation aprox will they deliver $5 million of earnings a year before they run out of money. If they don´t my friends at Accel and Index will lose money (I am a small investor in Index, Index is on my board at Fon).

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