I lived for 18 years in New York City, I started in the East Village as a student at NYU, went on to W118th St as a grad at Columbia and ended up at 5 story elevator townhouse, 47 E63rd St as a very successful entrepreneur. Still those cockroaches were always there utterly disregarding my changes in Manhattan social standing. Why is it that wherever I lived there were tons of cockroaches? Why is it that since I moved to Europe cockroaches are not a problem anymore? Don´t they travel?

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Wolfgon on January 16, 2006  · 

I’m sure there are not many cockroaches living in La Moraleja, but I’m also quite sure that if you drive a few miles down to Lavapies, you will have no problem finding a good supplier of these nice little insects to bring them back home.

They will probably make you feel in Manhattan while living in Alcobendas, if this is just what you are looking for…

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Marcelo Levit on January 16, 2006  · 

Now you know that cockroaches don’t care about your social standing.
Regarding Europe I don’t know, but Tel-Aviv is full with these little fellows, maybe you’re so busy and don’t see them.
I don’t see a cockroache since my cat arrived home ….

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